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Polar Bear Rescued After Tongue Stuck In Tin Can And Woke Up Surrounded By Kilos Of Her Favourite Fish

This touching video shows the dramatic rescue of a starving polar bear whose tongue got stuck inside a tin can.

When the sharp-edged can of condensed milk became lodged in the female’s tongue, she turned to humans for assistance, going by the name of Monetochka.


After the bear appeared to beg for assistance from locals, a team of rescuers flew 2,125 miles from Moscow to the Arctic port of Dikson, one of the world’s most isolated communities.


The beast was put to sleep before a veterinarian used pliers to remove the tin, as seen in the video.

“It’s a female bear cub, about two years old,” said Mikhail Alshinetsky, chief veterinarian at the Moscow Zoo. The lid of the tin’s can became stuck and clamped down on the tongue. The animal’s tongue became swollen after being stuck for a few days. The bear could neither eat nor drink. We were able to sedate her, remove the tin, and administer antibiotics and painkillers.


The malnourished bear was then successfully placed in a cage and flown 50 miles into the tundra by helicopter, far from the homes where it had requested human assistance.

They left a ton of fish for her to eat as she recovered.

In order to wake her up, we transported the animal to the tundra and gave it another injection, according to Mr. Alshinetsky.

When the bear first approached a resident of Dikson’s home, the person made an attempt to remove the tin. However, the metal had become too firmly lodged in the terrified animal’s mouth. Polar bears would never normally approach humans in this manner, according to experts. Svetlana Radionova, the head of Russia’s environmental watchdog, stated: “The polar bear was found about 3km [1.9 miles] from Dikson airport.


Vets removed the tin can after successfully tranquilizing her with the first shot. It is a young female bear that weighs between 80 and 90 kg.

It was obviously terrified as it drew near to people but also aware that this was its only chance of surviving.

The general manager of the Moscow Zoo, Svetlana Akulova, stated, “We have prepared 50kg of fish for the bear to help its recovery.”


The animal’s hind legs were seen trembling before the veterinarians arrived due to hunger and thirst.

The bear was so worn out from carrying the can that it came to us and stuck its tongue out, according to a local.

People gave up because it was impossible to assist without traumatizing the bear.

The distressed animal walked around the community looking for assistance. While scavenging for food, the beast most likely discovered the tin can at a landfill.

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