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Top 10 weirdest things Dutch people don’t realize are only found in the Netherlands

The Dutch are really global citizens, with excellent English, cities that attract visitors from all over the world, and an innovative spirit that never ceases to astonish.

The Dutch, on the other hand, have a highly distinct culture. As a result, the Dutch are occasionally astonished by unexpected things that happen only in the Netherlands. Let’s go through this exceptional list together!

The krul was given the moniker “flourish of acceptance.”


The krul is a school symbol in the Netherlands. Do you have an answer? Have you made an excellent point? Here’s a krul to congratulate you on a job well done.

“Today I learnt this is traditional Dutch, and all the hours I spent in class honing my drawing of this symbol were for naught because it is solely used in Dutch culture.” DnJealt –

“Wait, seriously? I’m studying to be a teacher outside of the Netherlands, and I can’t use my krul-skills anymore? “I’m requesting a refund.” – Catorsomethinginterestingss

Displaying your new baby’s name on your window – weirdest things Dutch

Dutch people go all out decorating their houses for a newborn

“When a baby is born, there will be signs in the yard or on the window with the name of the infant.” And maybe the birth cards (geboortekaartjes) we send when a baby is born.” Alvheim –

Let’s not even get started on the stork’s bum plastered on the glass, Dutchies.

Toilet inspection shelf


“The toilet in the Netherlands.” Those where you poop on a shelf rather than immediately in the water.” – TheLowLandsLawyer

“It is, nevertheless, really convenient.” As a child, my grandmother was always the one to discover that I had a pinworm infection since she had a toilet with a small shelf where the parasites could be seen.” – Accountant Th3

He he, nou nou – weirdest things Dutch


“The noises you make.” When people are confused or shocked, they frequently exclaim “heh!?” After someone explains something, there’s the explanatory “hah?” There’s also the “pwoooaaa” sound that people make when they admire something.”

“The enormous variety of tone grunts and sounds you may make to say farewell while walking away from someone, beginning with “dooo” and “jooo” and ending somewhere around “joooojojo”. When reacting to something wonderful, such as a pleasant surprise, people exclaim something like “wayooo.” – delicious_

The birthday calendar for the toilet


“There’s a large A3 / A2 poster inside the toilet door.” It includes all months but does not include the year. You write the names and birth years of your friends and relatives in the days. So, whenever you go to the bathroom, you may check the calendar to see who’s birthday is coming up and how old they will be. You’ll never miss anyone’s birthday again since you go to the bathroom every day.” – WizardWitch

“This is awful. My S.O. is Dutch, and I am an American. We reside in Italy. We have a toilet schedule. I still look at it with confusion after 4 years of living together and 8 years of being together lol.” Sushiroll from the supermarket

“Every time I get a birthday call, I know the person who is calling has just had a shitstorm.” – Firestorm

A typical Dutch house layout is the doorzonwoning.


When you go into a Dutch house, you automatically know what to expect: a hallway, a toilet on your left, and sometimes some stairs. The door on the right leads to a big living area with windows on both sides. A little kitchen is hidden somewhere.

Welcome to the doorzonwoning, also known as the “through-sun-residence.”

“I had no idea 1. that such a house had a unique name, and 2. that such a house is uniquely Dutch.” That’s just a house to me, nothing extraordinary about it.” – Cop Village People (Translated).

To be honest, it’s brilliant. The sun enters the living room through one window in the morning and another in the afternoon. Delightful!

Day trip with white bread buns – weirdest things Dutch


“When my Dutch boyfriend and I went on vacation, he made half a dozen’sandwiches.’ They were zachte witte bolletjes with cheese on top. I was perplexed since I wouldn’t call them sandwiches, and six of them felt like the most boring dinner ever.”

“I figured since we were on vacation, we’d eat somewhere nice.” He subsequently clarified that he was simply doing what his mother does, which is to bring food with them wherever they go:).” – worisomewort__

Teabags are being shared.

“We’re sharing teabags.” As a student, I was always sharing teabags with my classmates (since one bag is strong enough for 2-3 or more cups). The international students were terrified.” – bonnieplums

When something tastes delicious, I do the lekker wave.

Have you ever witnessed a Dutch person’s hand spasm near their cheek? Don’t call an ambulance; they’ve probably just discovered something very lekker.

“Shake your hand near to your face when you say lekker or heerlijk.” It’s so strange to me when people do it.” innerworldjoy –

They have a flessenlikker in their home – weirdest things Dutch

Despite sounding like something you’d keep in your lingerie drawer, a flessenlikker is a gadget used to scrape all of the contents out of a jar. (Those Dutchies are quite inexpensive.)

“I like how the English piece states, ‘there is a part of the technical and engineering world that regards the bottle scraper as a monument to an incorrect type of technical solution.’ This group contends that rather than inventing another tool and then educating a people on its usage, the greatest answer to the problem of remaining vla in bottles was to put vla in separate containers, preventing the problem from ever occurring.” Caelorum –

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