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Things You’ll Miss When You Move Away From Amsterdam

Leaving a city or a country for good is extremely hard. Here are things you’ll miss when you move away from Amsterdam

Bikes – Things You’ll Miss From Amsterdam


Since cycling is not quite a common means of transportation in other parts of the world, Amsterdammers would probably miss this activity most. 

Moreover, in some countries, riding a bike on the road seems a bit dangerous. It is because they don’t have specific trails that only allow cyclists and pedestrians.

Leaving Amsterdam means leaving your own bicycle behind. And it’s kinda sad.

Long Summer Nights


During summer, the nighttime in the Netherlands lasts surprisingly long. Between June and August, the sun often sets at roughly 10 p.m.

The phenomenon occurs as a consequence of the nation’s location. So, only when living in the Netherlands, you can experience a pretty long sleep. 

Borrelhapjes – Things You’ll Miss From Amsterdam


The Dutch have made a whole micro-cuisine of deep-fried or salty bar snacks so-called borrelhapjes. Micro-cuisine is meals that are available in their community and are produced or made in their immediate region. 

Thus, treats such as mini-kroket, kaasengels, bitterballen, etc. seem only available in Amsterdam, especially in their pubs. You can hardly find the real taste of borrelhapjes elsewhere on the globe.

Cats In Pubs


In Amsterdam, you can easily find cats curling on barstools on roads or in public parks. And if the cats get close to the resident’s homes, the homeowners willingly let these cute kitties roam around to chase off rats.

However, in other countries, they don’t allow pets in their stores or pubs. If you bring in your own pet, the shop owner can refuse to serve you.

Great Coffee – Things You’ll Miss From Amsterdam


The establishment of espresso bars and artisanal coffee roasters over the past decades has led Amsterdam to become one of the finest spots for java in Europe.

Sadly to say, the remains of the mainland still find it difficult to keep up with this pace. As a result, it’s rather tricky if you want to have a great taste of Amsterdam coffee in other parts of the world.

The Flatness


While living in the Netherlands, you may forget about the weird feature of the nation’s geography, the flatness. And when you leave the place, we are sure you will insanely miss it.

Well Organized Streets – Things You’ll Miss From Amsterdam


It is basically impossible to go around Amsterdam without encountering roadworks. Though it is somewhat annoying, it shows that the regional government is concerned about infrastructure and being in an attempt to enhance the road system.

This is rather hard to see in other cities and cycling or walking on pavement or level ground is an entire luxury.

Disinterested Attitudes Towards Cannabis


Whether you smoke it or not, weed is still a matter when you move out of Amsterdam since everyone likes to see what it’s like to reside in a place where weed is not illegal.

From the one who tells international friends about how great it is when living in Amsterdam, you now become a person who has to hear it from others. It would be endless tales about how Amsterdam is the greatest city worldwide due to its free and easy drug policy.

Vintage Shops – Things You’ll Miss From Amsterdam


Vintage shops in Amsterdam always sell goods such as exceptional high-end apparel. Furthermore, they surprisingly have the soonest brand-new items from drug-store or luxury labels Adidas, Doc Martens, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Moving away from the city means that you blow away the chance to be the one that owns these unique items.

The Cinemas


As far as we know, until now, only Amsterdam’s cinemas serve beer. In the better parts of the world, the common treats are popcorn and soft drinks, or candy sometimes. If we are wrong, feel free to correct us in the comment section below!

Also, there are many architecturally gorgeous cinemas that you can only see in Amsterdam, for example, the Eye, Tuskinski, etc.

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