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Top 10 Quirky Festivals in Canada That Make You Say “Oh Canada”

Typically, when you think of carnival, you picture a stage with folk or rock music, a few food carts, and perhaps one or two magnificent castles. Be open-minded to these weird festivals in Canada, many of which are well worth your time: Hot Chocolate Festival, Icelandic Festival, Festival Du Cochon,…

Festival Du Cochon Canada

  • Sainte-Perpétue, Quebec

If you’ve ever complained that there isn’t anywhere you can demonstrate your unique ability to wade through mud to catch a greased-up pig and put him in a barrel, you needn’t do so any longer. You’re covered in Quebec. To make the Festival Du Cochon, or Pig Festival, a reality each August, the pigs and pig-chasers are joined by musicians, frosty brews, tons of food, and other odd competitions like the horse pull.

The International Hair Freezing Contest

  • Yukon’s Takhini Springs

A hair freezing event is held every February at the Takhini Hot Springs, which is located in the Canadian Yukon territory of Whitehorse. People travel from all over the world to the hot springs to soak, allowing the steam to create condensation on their hair, which quickly freezes in the cold winter air.

The Hair Freezing Competition is an art and science challenge. Participants submerge their heads, emerge into the chilly air, and shape their hair into brittle, striking sculptures. The outcomes can range from frosty, mop-like tangles to dramatically manicured spikes, depending on one’s creativity and luck with the weather.

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

  • In Manitoba, Gimli

The 127th consecutive Islendingadagurinn will start in Manitoba on July 29. It is the second-oldest ethnic celebration in North America, and there are a ton of vikings there. The Maid of the Mountain is crowned, and there is a Viking battle and village. A huge parade, a team frisbee competition, and a sandcastle competition are also included. By the end of the three-day festival, you might be convinced that you’re Icelandic as well. The food and music are both Icelandic.

The Hot Chocolate Festival

  • BC’s Vancouver

Participants in this festival, which takes place in the city on the west coast, visit a wide variety of different vendors. The goal is to sample all 59 of the wacky and unusual new hot chocolate flavors created by the vendors in 30 days. You must keep an eye on your calendar because some flavors are only available on particular days. But despite how appetizing it may sound, the event’s primary purpose is to raise money for the PHS Community Services Society and East Van Roasters’ downtown eastside women’s job training program, which essentially uses job training to get addicted women back on their feet.

The Friendship Festival, Canada

  • Ontario’s Fort Eerie

This festival, which takes place every year in Fort Eerie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York, two cities connected by the Peace Bridge, is a celebration of the ongoing friendly cooperation between Canada and the United States. Numerous other attractions include a Miss All Canadian Pageant, archery, a car show, a cheerleading performance, a midway, and a ton of music.

Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival

  • BC’s Gibson’s Landing

Fibre arts are exactly what they sound like: knitting, crocheting, quilting, etc. Here, anything that incorporates a textile fiber will be praised. It is said that this is one of the best locations to purchase lovely, distinctive blankets that you can pass down for many years.

The Annual Penticton Elvis Festival

  • BC’s Penticton

Numerous Elvis impersonators descend upon the city in June to compete for the chance to perform live as the King. The best Elvis impersonators are chosen for the show, which is held on the picturesque Lake Okanagan. A winner is ultimately determined after several days of Jailhouse Rock listening, and they will hold the title until the following year’s Elvis festival! You must watch this if you love the King.

Grande Prairie, Alberta’s The East Coast Garden Party Yes. You read correctly. Alberta is hosting an East Coast Garden Party. All the East Coasters who were uprooted and relocated to Grand Prairie and Fort Mac are being honored at this celebration. They fly in seafood from the East Coast and consume East Coast beer while taking in live music, a wonderful family atmosphere, and a large number of other East Coasters.

The Festival of Northern Lights, Canada

  • Toronto, Ontario

Each year, from November through January, public spaces in cities are transformed by brilliant lights for this celebration. It is regarded as one of Canada’s most beautiful festivals and has been known to draw up to 20,000 guests annually.

Chocolate Festival in Canada

  • New Brunswick’s St. Stephen

At the St. Stephen Chocolate Fest, which runs from July 30 to August 6th, you can sample chocolate every day. There are also chocolate-themed activities like a scavenger hunt, trivia contest, treasure hunt, eating competition, cocktail hours, cupcake and cookie decorating, and much more. You can make your own chocolates every day, take a walking tour of the chocolate industry’s history, and participate in other activities like dancing and music all in the name of chocolate.

Pumpkinferno in Upper Canada Village, Ontario


In addition to bringing back some of its most well-liked exhibits, Upper Canada Village’s award-winning Pumpkinferno is returning this fall for its 11th season and showcasing 7 brand-new themes, the most in any show since its first year!

Visit this breathtaking festival in Canada display of over 7,000 hand-carved pumpkins that are all illuminated at night along a mile-long path against a charming 19th-century backdrop. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to stroll through a world of pumpkins, which is open every evening from late September through October.

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