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Enjoy The Fun Of Ice Skating On Amsterdam Canals!

As the weather’s getting colder, it’s time for the Dutch to fantasize about the prospect of outdoor ice skating. You may not believe but they really enjoy the fun of ice-skating on Amsterdam canals. And if the canals here aren’t frozen enough to slide, Schaatsen Museumplein is a perfect alternative for a less boring winter in Amsterdam. Also, here are some ice skating in Amsterdam tips you may need.

When Is The Winter In Amsterdam?


Amsterdam’s Winter lasts from December to February. During this time, temperatures are on average about freezing at night. In the daylight, the temperature increases slightly by a few degrees.

Can You Really Ice Skate On The Amsterdam Canals?


In fact, this fascinating wintry activity rarely happens. During the past decade, the canals in Amsterdam became icy only three times. 

So when it does, both the Dutch and tourists venture out onto the ice to have a  unique experience. They walk or even ice-skate on the frozen trenches of Amsterdam!

Other Places To Ice-Skating Aside From Canals

Ice Skating At Museumplein (Schaatsen Museumplein)


During the winter in Amsterdam, the iconic Schaatsen Museumplein turns into a wintery paradise. The skating rink welcomes people of all ages, beginner or skilled ones to come and enjoy the ice sliding. From this place, you can look over the stunning sights of the Rijksmuseum. Don’t hesitate anymore, let’s go and have a great experience of ice skating at Museumplein!

But not only staking lovers here. You’ll see non-skaters with snacks or a warming mug of hot chocolate walking around. They just want to feel the icy joy. And in December, there will be a Christmas market with festive stalls and crackling fires.

Jaap Eden Ice Rink – Ice Skating Amsterdam


This giant rink in Amsterdam Oost is a favorite among outdoor skaters. Skilled people come to enjoy the fun. New players come to practice.

Beginners can use the 400-meter lane. This lane allows you to go through multiple inner loops without having to change direction for fear of hitting children. However, this is the home ground of Amstel Tijgers. So, be sure to check the schedule of ice hockey matches before you arrive.



During the wintertime, Rembrandtplein is full of twinkly lights, chalets, and snow cannons. All of these decorations surround a huge skating rink.

After having fun on the ice rink, let’s stop by the winter plaza for a warm glass of wine. The nearby diners and bars ensure an evening of memorable Amsterdam winter fun.

Ice Skating In Amsterdam Tips


First, ensure that your skates are fitting you. If they’re too big, they may cause ankles to twist. On the other hand, if they’re too small, you gonna have sore toes quickly.

Secondly, dress appropriately. Remember to wear comfortable clothes that are easy for you to move. Bring some thick socks as well. These socks will help you to avoid blisters. And always do not forget a pair of gloves to keep you warm in the cold ice of Amsterdam.

Thirdly, follow the rink’s rules. They are made to keep you safe and avoid accidents. One of the most common and crucial rules is to skate in the right direction.

Then, don’t be afraid to fall. Even skilled ice skaters fall from time to time. So, just laugh it off and take another go. When you fall, try to tuck in your hands to keep your fingers hurtless. Next, let’s redirect your weight so you’re mainly resting on your knees.

There are many others when it comes to ice skating in Amsterdam tips. But since they’re almost about the skating techniques, so we suggest you should learn slowly.

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