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Titanic Museum Las Vegas: What To Expect?

As the years have gone by, the Titanic has been subject to more and more scrutiny. The Titanic Museum located at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the few museums that will give visitors a good idea about what actually happened before, during, and after the Titanic sank. We’ll also fill you in on the specifics of purchasing tickets to see the Titanic exhibit at the museum. And keep reading to learn some fascinating facts about the Titanic film!

About Titanic Museum Las Vegas


The Titanic Museum first docked at Luxor Hotel & Casino in 2008 with the goal of bringing the Titanic story to life to honor the ill-fated passengers. Featuring real artifacts pulled from the wreck site, this museum is a fascinating look at one of the most infamous shipwrecks in history. From personal items belonging to the passengers to a piece of the hull itself, the Titanic Museum is sure to give visitors a unique and memorable experience. However, the real highlight of the Luxor Titanic Museum is the boarding pass replica that puts visitors in the role of an actual Titanic passenger.

What’s Inside Titanic Museum Las Vegas?

Immersive Experience As A Real Titanic Onboard Passenger


The highlight of the tour only begins when you’re given a profile card that allow you to step into the shoes of a real Titanic passenger. Throughout the tour, you will get to see some of their possessions, which is certain to make you feel more connected to the profile you got. You’ll feel like you’re truly experiencing that fateful night by the time you find out what happened to the your person.

Real Artifacts Pulled Out From Bottom Of The North Atlantic

As mentioned before, this Titanic Museum in Las Vegas features over 250 artifacts that were actually pulled out of the wreck site. Most of the artifacts are original pieces, and the collections features items that were on the Titanic when it sank.

Ship’s Part: The Big Piece


First, we have The Big Piece. This is the largest artifact from Titanic. It’s an enormous piece from Titanic’s side hull that was successfully recovered during RMS Titanic Inc.’s 1998 expedition. It weighs about 15 tons and measures 26 by 12 feet and is a stunning display of rivet work that went into building this majestic ship.

Passengers’ Possessions and Ship’s Furnishings


Along with The Big Piece, many personal belongings were also discovered from the site. The floor tiles from the first class smoking area, positioned right below the open air deck where many passengers smoked before dinner, are also on exhibit at the Titanic Museum in Las Vegas. The exhibition also contains artifacts from other areas of the ship, such as windows frames from the Veranda Café or Franke table seating area.

Meticulous Replicas Of The Real Titanic’s Grand Staircase, Promenade Deck and Cabins


Another great feature in The Luxor Titanic Museum is the detailed recreations of the original ship. This Recreated Grand Staircase at the Titanic Museum in Las Vegas is one of the prime examples of the incredible attention to detail that is found throughout the museum. Along with The Grand Staircase, they also reconstruct first to third class cabins and most recently, Promenade Deck.

Memorial Wall & Personal Stories In Tribute Of Titanic Passengers


As you’ve probably gathered by now, the sole focus of the museum is dreadful aftermath and the people of Titanic. Above all, on display at Las Vegas Titanic Museum, are the names of 1,500 passengers who lost their lives in the tragedy. Every each of them has a story and they are also presented in this exhibition. You may have also heard some of these names mentioned in the 1997 film Titanic, so this is an excellent chance to get your facts right about them.

Construction Zone of Las Vegas Titanic Exhibit


The Construction Zone of the Las Vegas Titanic Exhibit is where visitors can learn about all that went into the building of the ill-fated ship. For instance, did you know that the construction of the Titanic required the employment of almost fifteen thousand people over the course of three years? This area of Luxor Titanic Exhibit also shows how the hull was riveted and how the crew prepared lifeboats.

Titanic Museum Las Vegas Tour Packages


Las Vegas Titanic Museum General Admission Tickets
Personal Tour

General Admission

Senior (over 65)


Children (4-12)

Toddlers (0-3)

Locals (with valid ID)









Audio guides are available for $5.00.
** Combo tickets include both BODIES…The Exhibition and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and are available at the box office only.

Tales From Titanic Add-On Ticket (Museum’s Exclusive Halloween Event)
Guided Tour, only available on October 29 – 31, 2022

This Halloween, experience the Titanic stories shrouded in mystery and feel the water’s temperature of that fateful night at the price from $45.00.

Get Your Luxor Titanic Museum Tickets Here

Trivia Highlight: 10 Titanic Film Facts

To conclude the new information we learned from the museum, let’s revisit the Titanic film to catch any facts we may have missed.

  • The movie has a decoy title called “Planet Ice”
  • The movie may cost more than the actual ship
  • Rose’s portrait, as well as the sketches in Jack’s binder, were creation of James Cameron, the Titanic’s director himself
  • Cameron only wanted songs with no words for the soundtrack, but Celine Dion changed his mind
  • The iconic Titanic door that Rose was lying on was a replica to an actual Titanic door
  • The majority of the set’s decors was rebuilt under the supervision of White Star Line researchers
  • The carpets on set were manufactured by BMK-Stoddard of England—the same firm that produced them for the real Titanic
  • Kate Winslet improvised the spitting scene, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio and his iconic ““I’m the king of the world!”
  • Gloria Stuart, who played modern Rose, was actually alive during the ship’s maiden voyage in 1912
  • The Renault in Jack and Rose’s iconic car scene is the same 1912 Renault Coupe de Ville that was also on the real Titanic according to the ship’s cargo manifesto

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