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The wonderful inventions that Australia gives the world

Did you know about 50,000 years ago, Indigenous Australians invented the Boomerang. And then, another series of exciting and valuable inventions were created. We will bring you a list of great inventions that Australia brought to humanity.

WIFI – the best Australian inventions


In an age of hyperconnectivity, it’s hard to understand a world without wireless communication. Still, this recent invention stems from radio astronomy research done in the 1970s by John O’ Sullivan and CSIRO. This technology was patented in 1992.

Google map

In the early 2000s, Danish brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen in Sydney created a mapping service. Google purchased this tool in 2004.

Polymer banknotes – Australian inventions


Concerned about an increase in counterfeiting, the Reserve Bank of Australia, in partnership with CSIRO, has developed a plastic banknote made from polymer that has embedded security features and is more durable. The coin was issued in 1988 to coincide with Australia’s biennial year.

Ultrasonic scanner

In 1961, George Kossoff and David Robinson jointly built Australia’s first ultrasound scanner. This ultrasound machine uses grayscale ultrasound and is considered superior to other scanners. In the mid-70s, the Australian company Ausonics commercialized an ultrasound scanner that allowed expectant parents to see their baby without X-ray exposure.



The Fred Walker Company commissioned chemist Cyril Percy Callister to create a yeast spreader in 1922, and Vegemite was born. 22 million jars are sold annually, and every jar has been made in Melbourne at Fisherman’s Bend since 1923. This is the best inventions of Australia.


The paper dates back to the 2nd century BC in China, but it wasn’t until February 18, 1902, that a Tasmanian stationery company owned by JA Birchall came up with a way to bind separate sheets of paper together. together to create notebooks. Silver City Writing Tablet will pave the way for paperback binding.

Refrigeration – Australian inventions

In 1755, the Scottish professor, William Cullen, introduced the method of artificial refrigeration. However, the journalist James Harrison built the first practical vapor compression refrigeration system in Geelong in 1851. His first commercial ice machine came out in 1854 and in 1856, he got an authorized brewery to build a refrigeration system to cool beer.

Electric drill

The electric drill, a must-have tool in any toolbox, was invented and patented in 1889 in Melbourne by electrical engineers Arthur James Arnot and William Blanch Brain. The original design weighed 75kg and was intended for use with rocks and coal. Six years later, two German brothers, Wilhelm and Carl Fein, expanded on the plan by creating a portable, handheld version.

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