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7 Basic Differences Between New Zealand And Australia

The list of 7 basic differences between New Zealand and Australia will reveal interesting facts about these two countries. How many of them did you know? Let’s check out.

The Flag


Of course, their flag is distinguished, what nonsense saying! That’s just for you, buddy. 

In fact, these two nations have quite similar flags and you will get fooled if you don’t pay much attention. In the above-left corner, both of their flags have the British Union Jack. They also have the Southern Cross star on the right-hand flank.

The difference is the Australian one feature two more stars. A little one close to the cross and the big one under the British Union Jack. It’s quite challenging to recognize, right?

The Accent – Differences Between New Zealand And Australia


If you’re from either of the two countries, you will know that the pronunciations are worlds apart. But for a foreigner, Australia and New Zealand are hard to choose. 

There are several tips to listen for, firstly, the vowels. Aussies like to pull out their vowels and abbreviate words. For example, George sounds like “Geoorge”. The afternoon is like arvo, etc. Things as easy as “no” can be “noooh” or “naaah”. 

New Zealanders recreate with vowels as well. They make it feels slightly more nasal, such as the word “I” has a “U” sound. Fish and chips will be like “fush and chups”.

No Scary Creatures In New Zealand


In New Zealand, you can probably run through high grassland without any careful consideration. It’s the foremost thing you should not do in Australia owning to all those mortal spiders, snakes, and other animals that might destroy your life. 

We all know that Australia is famous for native wildlife, such as kangaroo, emu, the koala, crocodile, snakes, and wombat. Maybe you’re acquainted with the echidna or platypus, birds such as lorikeets, cockatoos, rosellas, and of course plenty of small marsupials later.

In New Zealand, their most prominent born creature is the kiwi. This is a brown bird with a long beak and is incapable to fly. You can see other special parrots and birds such as the morepork owl, tui, the kea, little blue penguin, yellow-eyed penguin, and dolphins and seals as well.  

The Deserts In Australia – Differences Between New Zealand And Australia


To compare, Australia is much more dehydrated than New Zealand. For example, Australia is famous for the symbolic red Uluru rock, deserts, and little rainfall.

When coming to the north of the country, you can stroll from a moist dense tropical rainforest onto white golden beaches. This is where the Great Barrier Reef kisses the seaside. 

You can ascend to a frozen peak and play ski during winter in the north. Being a greater country, Australia has more spots to discover.

The Volcanoes In New Zealand


While Australia is known for its dryness and deserts, New Zealand has opposite terrains and weather.

The country poses on a significant fault line that causes volcanic activity and earthquakes all year around. This leads to the surface of the land being covered with many types of topography. For example, they have alpine lakes, snowy mountains, volcanoes, islands, sandy beaches, limestone caves, forests, fjords, geothermal springs, lush, etc.

Different Words For Flip Flops – Differences Between New Zealand And Australia


We all know that Australians use the word “thongs” to call flip-flops. But fewer people comprehend that New Zealand also has its own word for them. They name them “Jandals” which is short for Japanese sandals. And now you know it.

One Is Better At Honoring Its Indigenous Culture


Common acknowledgment is both Australia and New Zealand are English-speaking nations. 

But, in fact, New Zealand delivers a great deal of admiration and dignity for its indigenous Maori civilization and people. Maori is an authorized language in New Zealand. When coming to this country, you will see residents of Maori and non-Maori ancestry pepper words into English when they talk.

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