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The Ultimate Mother Goose Takes Care of 47 Babies and Keeps Them All Safe

A Canadian man described how he saw a mother goose take care of 47 babies and deduced that she was taking care of the young of other geese.

During a stroll along the Saskatchewan riverbank, Saskatoon resident Mike Digout first noticed the goose with 16 goslings. He was shocked by the sheer number of goslings that were swimming in the water behind the mother goose.


He decided to return to the same location to see if he could locate the family after taking a picture to capture the fascinating scene and sharing it on Bored Panda.

He was shocked to discover, though, that the goose was always bringing along more goslings, going from 16 to 47 in a matter of days every time he returned.


Mike, who enjoys taking pictures of geese in his neighborhood, described how he was on the lookout for newly hatched goslings when he spotted the ideal mother goose.

I started going back every night looking for this mom and her goslings because I was astounded that she had 16 children,’ he told the publication. And each day it appeared as though she had a larger group.


Speaking to The Dodo, he continued, “It was incredible how calm she was with so many goslings around. She appears to be a very patient mother.

This phenomenon, known as gang brood, occurs when an adult goose finds herself responsible for a large group of goslings.


Geese typically produce five to six goslings per season, but this number can rise to ten or twelve.

Geese are lifelong partners, and while some raise their goslings independently, others prefer to take care of each other’s gaggles as an extra form of special goose daycare.


This is due to goslings’ strong sense of independence, which causes them to frequently stray from their mothers and become lost. The geese then divide up parental duties to protect their young.

One Canadian goose will have no trouble looking after her own goslings while swimming, as well as a large group of additional goslings who would have joined the group in the middle of the trip.

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