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Must-Read Facts Before Going To Kangaroo Island Beaches

Beaches on Kangaroo Island have always been a hot destination in Australia. But let’s take a look at these must-read facts before going to Kangaroo Island beaches. “Weather in Kangaroo Island”, “map of Kangaroo Island”, “camping in Kangaroo Island”, etc. all the information you need is in our post.

The Greatest Beaches

Looking for splendid beaches on Kangaroo Island is a piece of cake. From white sandy beaches to fine surf sites, this island has them all.

Vivonne Bay


This six-kilometer-long bay once won the best beach poll in Australia. This is where tenderly lapping waves meet the white sandy coasts. As a result, it’s totally ideal for wading waist deep.

It has remote dunes in the north and a dock framing at the end of the south. These spots are some kind of the off-the-beaten-track when you want to hide away from crowded destinations.

Emu Bay


No words can describe the beauty of Emu Bay. It is surely one of the best beaches on kangaroo island. Slide around this bay to enjoy its calm and serene air. Just have a quick drive then you can plonk yourself on the sand.

Snelling Beach


At this spot on Kangaroo Island, the fishing is mere as astonishing as the sunsets. It’s a blow-minded scene when the sun began to slip over the horizon, meanwhile the white pure sand diverted to gold. 

Snellings Beach is home to a pod of cute dolphins as well. You may have a chance to meet these brilliant creatures face to face.

Stokes Bay


This small gem of a location is Stokes Bay. First, you have to park your car. Then, you will slide through a maze of caves. Finally, let’s enjoy the scenic view clearest water and whitest sand in Australia.

It’s not too hard here to jump from one cove to the next without bumping into anyone. If you’re lucky enough, you could even have the whole beach yourself! Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s discover the beauty of the beaches on Kangaroo Island!

Weather In Kangaroo Island


Of course, you have to search for “Kangaroo Island weather” before embarking on your journey, right? Here we have some basic information about the weather in Kangaroo Island for you.

In the summertime, the average temperature is around 24°C. Sometimes it can go down to 14°C. And the summertime in Australia is from December to February, for your information. This is also the ideal period to enjoy your sea trip.

However, Australian summer means fire season. So, make sure you’re always aware of fire protection rules.

Map Of Kangaroo Island


In fact, Kangaroo Island Tourism has offered a digital map for tourists for an easier travel experience. All you have to do is googling the keywords “kangaroo island map”.

This map of Kangaroo Island even shows places where you can find good restaurants. Moreover, there are also special events and opening hours that run at the time of your trip.

Camping In Kangaroo Island


Lucky for you, when it comes to Kangaroo Island camping, we also have some suggestions.

The first one we want to introduce is Kangaroo Island Seafront Holiday Park. This location is about 300 meters from SeaLink Ferry. It offers views that overlook Hog Bay Beach and Backstairs Passage.

If you’re eco-campers or caravanners, the Discovery Lagoon Caravan and Camping Grounds is perfect for you.

The campground is run completely on renewable energy. It’s nearly three kilometers from Emu Bay Beach. Two one-bedroom eco-glamping cabins are a good offer from this Kangaroo Island camping site.

If you come to Vivonne Bay to enjoy the sound of waves, you should also stop by its campsite. Camping in kangaroo island would never be so convenient. Vivonne Bay Campground is about 45 minutes from Kingscote. It’s available for caravans and offers both unpowered and powered camps.

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