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The ultimate guide to Keukenhof Gardens & Lisse Tulip Fields in 2022

Looking for the best place to see tulips in the Netherlands? Lisse and Keukenhof Gardens will be the best choice for you!

With new guidelines and protocols for following the current situation, here’s an update on how to visit Keukenhof in 2022.

What’s unique about Keukenhof Garden in 2022?

Keukenhof Garden in 2022
Keukenhof Garden in 2022

Spring is the season of nature bursting, and experiencing tulip spring in the Netherlands should be on everyone’s travel list.

To visit Keukenhof, you’ll have to visit the Netherlands from March to May to enjoy one of the most beautiful spring events in the world.

The official opening season for 2022 is March 24 – May 15.

Operating hours are the same as in previous years, opening at 8:00 and closing at 19:30.

There are two primary components of Keukenhof – the gardens and the pavilion. Prepare yourself for a sensory experience with vibrant colors and pleasant floral scents on both screens. The gardens are meticulously laid out with intricate detailing in complementary and contrasting color patterns. You will find benches and various art installations throughout the gardens, mainly inspired by Dutch culture.

Every year, 7 million bulbs flower at Keukenhof, thoughtfully arranged in 5 themed gardens – each with its distinct atmosphere.

You will find a great feel from the sometimes chilly Dutch spring weather in the booths. There were rows and rows of different flowers lining the tables. The arrangement changes throughout the season according to what is currently blooming. You can visit in March and see them again in May and have two very contrasting experiences!

Keukenhof and the current health situation

Keukenhof Garden
Keukenhof Garden

Keukenhof adheres to the guidelines in the ‘ Veilig Samen Uit ‘ [safely together] convention that applies to crowded daytime attractions in the Netherlands. They will provide you with clear information and hygiene instructions to keep yourself and other visitors safe during your visit.

In 2022, Keukenhof will limit the number of visitors per day. To prevent the time from getting too crowded, the time slot will also be taken when you buy the ticket. According to their website, if Keukenhof is no longer allowed to open, cancellations will be made.

Entrance fee

Admission for adults is €18.50 in 2022. For children aged 4-17, the price is €9.00. Children under three years old are free. If you’re driving, you can also reserve your parking space. Or, if you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t feel comfortable walking around the gardens, you can book a wheelchair in advance of your visit.

Lisse Tulip Field

Lisse Tulip Field 2022
Lisse Tulip Field 2022

If you want to see fields of tulips, here’s how you can do it in Lisse:

Rent a bike! This is one of the most affordable (not to mention classic Dutch) ways to experience the tulip fields. You can rent a bike for €15 per day, and some companies also offer cycling routes of varying distances. You can also rent bicycles from Keukenhof Gardens to explore the surrounding tulip fields (you cannot use bikes in the garden).

Another option is to take a cruise on the canal. This is €9 for a 45-minute boat ride, which seems like a dream. However, if you’re a little below eye level of a tulip field, it doesn’t offer the best vantage point or photo opportunity.

Finally, you can book an electric car tour, which has a predetermined route and comes with an audio guide in German, Dutch or English. This is the most expensive option, just under €100 for two, but it’s so much fun!

It is worth noting that you are not allowed to walk through the paths in the tulip fields. This damaged the light bulb and the fields were private property. Be sure to take your photo from the road!

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