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The Only Two Countries That Never Lose A War (Part 2)

Well, here we are the post about the only two countries that never lose a war (part 2). The first one is Canada (in part 1), and the second one is Australia. And we will find out more today.

The Establishment Of The Australian Military


Before true independence, Australian colonies were responsible for their own military defense. From 1870 to 1901, the British decreed that Australia was to be capable of defending herself, with the British providing support if needed, most notably in the form of the Royal Navy. 

To fulfill this need for defense, the Australian colonial militias created groups of paid professional soldiers, paid citizen soldiers, and unpaid volunteer militiamen. During this time, the Australian military was still far too small to serve overseas. However, many individuals still volunteered in British war efforts around the world. 

Aided Britain In Various Wars – Countries That Never Lose A War


The British empire called upon Australian soldiers to aid them in various war efforts. One of those was a conflict in Sudan in 1885. But when the British didn’t see the military venture as profitable, they ultimately abandoned it.

During the Second Boers War, Australian soldiers served alongside British forces, although the British War Office declined a measure to create a unified Australian military force. Instead, individual Australian dispatches were assigned to support British units but were not allowed to serve together. This was likely to prevent any fostering of thoughts of true independence. 

When the Boxer Rebellion kicked off in China in 1900 in response to the exploitation of China by colonial powers, the British asked for the aid of the Australian navy, as Australian ground forces were still tied up in South Africa at the time. 

In China, a single Australian ship lent its help in efforts to blockade Chinese ports. Meanwhile, a small naval marine contingent of a few hundred men assisted an 8,000-strong multinational force in the taking of key Chinese forts. With the Chinese rebellion crushed, the Australian forces remained behind in support roles, something they were less than happy about.

During WWII


On January 1st, 1901, the Australian colonies joined together in the Commonwealth of Australia. And finally, the nation gained its pseudo-independence.

When WWI broke out, Australia immediately declared war on Germany. Soon, Australia sent 20,000 men to the battlefields of Europe. They also dispatched naval forces to neutralize German Pacific colonies. Australian ground forces saw combat in both France and in the Middle East, fighting against the crumbling Ottoman Empire. 

When WWII broke out, Australia’s military was in sad shape. As a result, it took a while for them to mobilize. It would eventually send military forces to take part in ground combat in Africa, the Middle East, and Italy. Its navy assisted British efforts in the Mediterranean.

When the war against Japan broke out in 1942, Australia was ill-prepared to meet this new threat. It immediately recalled many of its forces from Europe, and the Australian military suffered major defeat after major defeat. Fearing a Japanese invasion of Australia, a large army was raised to defend their homeland. In the meantime, the Japanese opted instead to secure New Guinea and thus attempt to cut Australia off from the U.S. With the arrival of the American army and air force units to the continent, the Australian military was put under the command of America’s General Douglas MacArthur. Australia would play a key role in the Pacific offensive, fighting side by side with their American allies against the Japanese in the US’s island hopping campaign.

During The Cold War – Countries That Never Lose A War


During the Cold War, Australia adopted a policy of multilateralism similar to Canada’s. It means that it would not wage wars on its own but rather as part of a collective lead by either Britain or the U.S.

Also in the 1950s, Australia supported British forces during the campaign known as the “Malayan Emergency”. It was the murder of several estate managers by the Malayan Communist Party that triggered the emergency. Australia quickly sent both grounds to assist the British. 10 years later, they considerably defeated the communist presence, and the Malayan Emergency came to a close. 

So, despite their small size, Australian forces have proven that they are amongst the world’s best soldiers. It also has been a stalwart ally in the fight against extremism and dictators around the world.

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