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The Only Public Windmill In Amsterdam: The Sloten Windmill

Our post “The only public windmill in Amsterdam: The Sloten Windmill” will show you information that even the locals may not know.

The Only One Public Windmill Left – Public Windmill In Amsterdam


Finally, you’ve made it to Amsterdam, while going around, you see stunning tulip parks, gorgeous canals, pedestrians with paper cornets of French fries with mayo (patat met) on their hands, etc. However, you cannot find any well-known Dutch windmill. Where are they?

In fact, the city has 8 windmills. Unfortunately, all of them are off the beaten track. Molen van Sloten (Sloten Windmill in English) is the only one that is still available for the public in the inner city. It is on the West side of Amsterdam. 

Things To Do And See At The Sloten Windmill


The Sloten Windmill is still in use these days. It also offers outdoor activities for people of all ages. Volunteers are always willing to provide visitors with tours and the trade of the millers. Especially, if your kids are 6  and above, they can have a specialized tour. 

Besides, there is a permanent exhibit “Amsterdam and the Water” that displays the ambivalent relationship of Amsterdam with the ocean. Or else, you can visit the other exhibit, “Rembrandt in the Attic”. It is about the artist as the son of the miller. Another place well-worth place for your visit is the Coopery Museum. The purpose of the museum is to demonstrate the fabrication of wooden barrels.

The Sloten Windmill brings only one unique opportunity to discover the inner life of the special Dutch landmark.

Other Windmills Close Amsterdam – Public Windmill In Amsterdam


There are still seven windmills in Amsterdam but they are all on the outskirts of the city. If you’ve already been to this public windmill and want to visit others, you have to take a short trip to reach the destinations. It will take you about 2 hours of driving. 

The most well-known windmills attraction is at Kinderdijk, sited about 15 miles on the East side of Rotterdam. In this region, tourists can see 19 windmills that date back to the 17th century. You can enjoy the stunning views of windmills either from water or from land. And if the weather is not too bad, you can even enter Windmill 2 to see it up close.

For an alternative that is not far from Amsterdam, look through Zaanse Schans. It’s only a half-hour’s ride. This site has five active and a Windmill Museum. 

Or you can check out the small Leiden city, which has the De Valk Windmill Museum. It is in the South of Amsterdam and takes an hour and a half of driving to reach. At De Valk Windmill Museum, tourists can go up to the open platform that surrounds the windmill for scenic views of the historic town.

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