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The Complete Guide To Namadgi National Park

Taking approximately half of the Australian Capital Territory is the fantastic Namadgi National Park. And here is the complete guide to Namadgi National Park you all need.



Originally, the park is located in Ngunnawal Country and was under the control of Indigenous Ngunnawal residents for thousands of years before.

Namadgi is mountainous and hilly just like the Kosciuszko National Park it shares the border with.

The topography has alpine, sub-alpine, hilly bushland, and a sequel of high-reaching marshes that are environmentally essential.

How to Get There – Namadgi National Park


Namadgi National Park is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southeast of the Canberra metropolis. 

The easiest way of reaching there is to pursue the Tuggeranong Parkway southeast toward Tharwa. The trip will take no more than an hour, relying on which Canberra outskirt you’re starting from.

Take A Look At Historic Spots


The first thing ever, visit historic spots. You can easily find the European and Aboriginal historic sites around the park. 

For example, the rock art at Yankee Hat. People say that the rock is about 3,700 years old. It has the paintings of creatures such as emus, dingoes, and kangaroos.

On the walking trails, you can catch a number of homesteads and huts, which are built in the 19th- and 20th-century.

Watching Wildlife – Namadgi National Park


Kangaroos are a familiar sight throughout the steppe of Namadgi. You can also see other species such as wallabies, dingoes, wombats, magpies, ravens, rosellas, etc.

Mountain Biking And Rock Climbing


The park offers its visitors roughly 400 kilometers (250 miles) of cliff biking tracks. However, to make sure that whether or not the tracks are available, you should stop by the guest center to update information first.

The boulders within the park are a rock climber’s ideal. The most popular site is Booroomba Rocks. However, since guided tours in the park are not common, you will need to join a group to avoid unexpected situations.

The Best Trails And Hike – Namadgi National Park


Whether you are seeking a short walk or something more extended and more challenging, Namadgi delivers. The park has walking trails that have hundreds of miles in length.

Mountain Aggie is one of the most popular short walks if you want to try it. It undergoes the Bimberi Nature Reserve and takes you about an hour to reach the end. 

The trail offers great sceneries of Kosciuszko National Park, in which the highest mountain in Australia, Moutain Kosciuszko sits. It also passes across snow gum forests and during summertime, you can see wildflowers spring up along the road.

If you are hungry for a remarkable adventure, the Australian Alps Walking Track would be an ideal destination for you. The hike goes through the peaks of Namadgi National Park, and across a rough mountainous terrain that passes over NSW and Victoria.

Trekkers can decide to accomplish the entire 400-mile track or shorter areas of it. It can last about six to eight weeks to trek the complete track. You must be skillful and well equipped for the demanding landscape.

Place To Camp


There are a few campsites that offer camps for visitors to reside and partake in activities. You have to pay fees if you want to stay overnight.

Mt. Clear Campground is a distant campground that provides basic conveniences in the park. You can only reach the campsite by going through an unsealed path which isn’t fit for RVs.

Woods Reserve is outside the national park. This big campsite on the banks of Gibraltar Creek accommodates RVs, tents, groups, and even dogs. The walking path to Gibraltar Falls is close.

Located close to the Orroral Ridge and Booroomba Rocks, Honeysuckle Campground is suitable for rock climbing and hiking expeditions. They have space for about 4 campers and common tent camping areas.

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