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Is Australia A Continent Or A Country?

Is Australia a continent or a country? When was it become an independent nation? What are special about Aussie? You will know after reading our post!

What Makes Australia A Continent? – Is Australia A Continent Or A Country?


In fact, the definition of a continent is kind of tricky. People even still argue about the precise number of continents on the globe. For instance, some peopple thought that Asia and Europe are one continent, named Eurasia. Meanwhile, others assume that these two are not the same. 

However, the most common theory, until now, is that there are seven continents on the globe, and Australia is one of them.

There is a widely assumed opinion of what a continent is as well. This statement explains a continent as an extensive, persistent, separate landmass, and better divided by an ample expanse of water. 

But, in fact, this explanation does not quite make sense. It is because the current continents are not split by vast expanses of water.

In general, the land will link all the continents. But Australia is an exception. It is encircled by the sea on all sides. As a result, it meets the overall definition of a continent better than others.

So, this continent comprises the landmass and the island of Tasmania. This island fibs to the mainland’s South, across the Bass Strait channel.

What Makes Australia A Country?


Besides being a continent, Australia is a country as well. The Commonwealth of Australia is its official name.

In 1901, the British Parliament approved six distinct British colonies on the continent to become one dominion. That was when the nation officially established.

From that time on, Australia managed its own national affairs. However, the Australian government had no power to formulate foreign policy. It is because at that time it was still a dominion of the British Empire, 

In 1931, the British government finally approved the Statute of Westminster. This action gave Australia control over international affairs. As a result, Australia became an entirely sovereign country.

Federal Government – Is Australia A Continent Or A Country?


The national government of Australia has an administrative branch guided by a Prime Minister. He is also the head of the cabinet.

The lawmaking branch is the parliament. It is a bicameral legislature, which means that it includes 2 legislative houses or organs. House of Representatives is the lower house. The Senate is the upper house.



Being an independent state, Australia has its own government and its own economy. They also have the Australian dollar, which is their own currency.

Australia has free trade pacts with 15 countries, such as the U.S., South Korea, Japan, China, and ASEAN.

National Identity – Is Australia A Continent Or A Country?


Australia is home to over 25 million people. 

Australians are especially supportive of ideas such as government-funded education and universal health coverage. The population groups here are diverse as well. For example, they are varying from the aboriginal Aborigine groups that inhabited ages ahead any Europeans came, to increasing numbers of Africans and Asians. 

Therefore, Australia is much more than Foster’s beer,  boomerangs, and kangaroos.



Its location is to the South of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. New Zealand fibs to its East, and the better part of the Indian Ocean fibs to its West. The South of Australia is adjacent to Antarctica.

Australia is a continent and a country as well!

It is the most miniature continent on the planet, but it is the sixth largest nation on the globe.

Australia is a sovereign state accompanied by its own governance and economy.

Australia has a distinctive sovereign identity.

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