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The Blauwbrug – The ultimate guide to a historic bridge in Amsterdam

The Blauwbrug (English: Blue Bridge) is a historic bridge that spans the Amstel River in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The blue bridge is one of the most majestic bridges that span the river that gave Amsterdam its name, the Amstel River!

A brief history of the Blauwbrug

The Blauwbrug bridge connects the Rembrandtplein and Waterlooplein neighborhoods and runs south to the Stopera. The bridge was named after a wooden “blue bridge”, which was painted the distinctive blue of the Dutch flag, which existed around 1600. At the time, the bridge resembled the well-known Magere Brug (skinny bridge) and others that crossed the Amstel.

As the city grew, the city council of Amsterdam was eager to construct a new bridge that would connect the islands and include a tram line. The plan was to build an elegant bridge that exuded luxury, ideal for displaying during the 1883 Colonial Exhibition.


The architecture of the Blue Bridge, Amsterdam

Bastiaan de Greef, a city architect, and his assistant Willem Springer were assigned to create the design of The Blauwbrug bridge . Their initial concept was in the style of Paris’ Pont Neuf, which would have sunk into the mud in Amsterdam. Though not required in the slow-flowing Amstel, the solid bridge pillar design required to keep ice floes off the bridge in the fast-flowing Seine was retained.

1883 saw the replacement of the old bridge with a new bridge based on the architecture of several bridges over the Seine in Paris, such as the Pont Alexandre III. The stone bridge has rich decoration and three openings for ships.


The bases of The Blue Bridge in Amsterdam resembled a ship’s bows, with leaf motifs, masks, and finally the Imperial Crown of Austria, as seen on the city’s coat of arms. Additionally, the lanterns themselves represent crowns, and the lantern poles feature shipping details. The Blauwbrug bridge carries a road that the tramway also uses.

In 1883, the bridge opened to widespread criticism because many people thought the bridge was too showy for Amsterdam.

How to get to The Blue Bridge in Amsterdam? By bus, train or metro?

You can easily reach to The Blauwbrug by bus, train or metro. Depending on your current location, you can choose the right transportation. Going to the Blue Bridge, Amsterdam, by metro is the fastest way, which takes you only 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile, traveling by train will take approximately 45-80 minutes. Bus transportation takes the longest time needed to go to the Blauwbrug (around 45 minutes to 3 hours) but if you want to enjoy the cities while moving, it is not a bad idea. You can also check out all the routes to find the easiest way to get there here.


Restaurants near The Blauwbrug

Nearby the Blauwbrug, there are many great restaurants that you can choose to fill your stomach with European delicacies. Below are some suggestion for your references:

  • Lo Stivale d’Oro: A little corner of Italy in Amsterdam which is famous for excellent pizzas, homemade tiramisù and wine.
  • 212 – A Michelin-rated Must!: Go to 212 restaurant if you want to experience the perfection in the subtle flavors and unusual and impeccable presentation.
  • GUTS restaurant: Not too far from the Blauwbrug, this restaurant is an absolute list for anyone visiting Amsterdam. It gets many compliments for its amazing food with the right portions and the attentive service.
  • Gollem Craft Beers: If you look for a nice place to taste beers according to your personal taste, this is the place to go! All the staffs are really knowledgeable and friendly and always suggests you the right beer to meet your taste!

Let us know more about your own experiences with Blauwbrug bridge in the comment section! You can also read more about Veluwemeer Aqueduct – a Unique Water Bridge in the Netherlands. Or checklist these 15 Incredible Landmarks in the Netherlands You Must See Once In Your Lifetime.

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