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Australian Coffee Culture: Unique Things Not Everyone Knows

“How are you doing, mate?” Want to get some coffee? “This is how most conversations in Australia begin, whether it’s with a close friend, a tinder date, or a coworker. The Australian coffee culture is huge and growing all the time. Melbourne is frequently referred to as the coffee capital of the world. Here are interesting things about Australian coffee culture not everyone knows.

The Australian Coffee History

The origins of coffee in Australia can be traced back to the aftermath of World War II when Italian immigrants brought coffee machines with them.

Since it began brewing a smoother and stronger beverage using pressure and creating a thick crema on top, the Gaggia espresso machine has revolutionized the coffee industry worldwide. As a result, instead of drinking coffee, Australians drank espressos. From the beginning!

As a result, the coffee culture in Australia is rooted in quality rather than convenience, and all cafes in Australia were making espressos as early as the 1950s.

The newly opened coffee shops drew Australian bohemians, and the coffee industry began to boom as a result of inner-city revitalization and gentrification, as well as Australia’s high standard of living. By the 2000s, a thriving competitive scene of independently owned coffee shops had emerged. We are far ahead of the rest of the world.

Australian Coffee Culture: A Way Of Life


With 1.3 million coffees sold every day in Australia, the food industry brews approximately 1.26 billion cups per year, totaling more than $3 billion in coffee sales.

It is not the quantity but the quality and culture of coffee that distinguishes it. Australia is widely regarded as having the best coffee in the world. And it is the only country where major coffee companies, such as Starbucks, have had to reduce their operations because Australians will not buy crappy, or even average, coffee.

Coffee is not just a way to get your caffeine fix here; it is a way of life. It is a part of your daily routine, and it is important enough to warrant a longer walk to your favorite cafe.

Melbourne: The Capital Coffee In The World


And as the largest coffee hub in Australia, Melbourne is also the world’s coffee capital. They focus on sourcing, roasting, and brewing the best coffee beans in keeping with the specialty coffee culture. Exploring different types of coffee, having a diverse range of single origins, and experimenting with different blends, temperatures, and roasts, Melbourne coffee is about more than just making a good flat white or espresso.

There are numerous other explanations for this Melbourne label. It is the home of the world’s best baristas, and while latte art is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, it is said that if a barista is not skilled at making latte art, it will not last a month in Melbourne.

Given that 63% of Melburnians visit a cafe for their daily fix, cafe culture is a huge part of the overall vibe. And, because 95% of the cafes are independently owned, there is plenty of room for them to be unique and creative. And it’s more than just a race to find Melbourne’s best coffee.

Melbourne’s cafes have some of the most unique interior designs. A coffee shop in a warehouse, an old shopfront, a postmodern apartment building, a station underpass, or even shipping containers is not uncommon. The more unique, the better!

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Learn From Australian Coffee Culture

Enjoy Your Coffee To The Fullest

Coffee is essentially a way of life in Australia. People are breathing it in, feeling it, and dreaming about it. It’s okay to adore it from the bottom of your heart, to pay a little more to ensure it’s perfect, and even to walk a little further to get to your favorite café. That is a part of everyone’s morning routine in Australia, regardless of where you work or how much money you make.

There would be less anger, stress, and hatred in the world if everyone spent some quality time with quality coffee. Even wars would most likely come to an end. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to sit in a café, sitting on a train with a takeaway coffee is a great alternative to staring at your phone the entire journey to work.

Allow Your Taste To Guide You

If the baristas don’t know how to make latte art, a café in Australia is unlikely to last more than a month. The common misconception is that it only makes the coffee look nice, but it actually affects the taste of the coffee. Why? There are three reasons for this:

  • It’s impossible to do latte art if your milk isn’t perfectly frothed.
  • If your milk isn’t perfectly frothed, it’s probably burnt or not smooth, shiny, and silky.
  • If your milk isn’t perfectly frothed, your perfect espresso experience will be ruined.

Distinction Between Good And Bad Quality

Starbucks failed to enter the Australian market because Australians disliked the poor quality of their coffee and their mediocre customer service. Australians prefer to drink coffee that tastes like coffee. People want quality flavors and aromas, quality roasting and brewing, and simply caring baristas who will treat coffee the way it deserves to be treated.

The worst part is that cafés get away with it because most customers don’t know the difference between bad, ok, and excellent coffee. When it comes to something beautiful, it’s okay to be demanding. You wouldn’t eat stale chocolate or surf on a broken board because it would ruin the experience. The same is true for coffee.

Be Unique


Because 95% of cafés in Australia are independently owned, almost every café looks different. I’ve always loved unique, personal, and fun cafés where you can really see the owners’ personalities. To say the least, such places are usually very welcoming, cozy, and interesting. They make you want to stay forever, or at least for a few hours, and enjoy your coffee and breakfast in peace while reading the newspaper or watching people go by.

Create Your Own Ideas

When people are enthusiastic about something, it creates a fertile ground for new ideas. You want to make something your own because you love it. This is what happened in Australia when they invented flat white coffee. They desired a coffee that they could call their own and that delighted their taste buds. Let us be more inventive, daring, and eager to try new things as we spread the coffee gospel!

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