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The Best Things To Do At Whitehaven Beach, Australia

If you’re planning to vacation at Whitehaven beach in Australia, let’s learn about it first, such as its needed-to-know facts, the weather (best time to visit), swimming and camping, etc.

About Whitehaven Beach

This iconic beach is on Whitsunday Island, off the Queensland shore, Australia.

The beach stretches more than 7km with 98% pure silica beads sand, making it brilliantly white and lavishly fine. One of the special facts about the beads of sand on Whitehaven Beach is that they don’t conserve heat from the sun. Therefore, they won’t burn even strolling on your bare feet.


Its crystal clear waters are also spectacular thanks to the limestone shelf that extends from Whitehaven out into the ocean. As a result, Whitehaven Beach is on many travel bucket lists of international tourists.

Whitehaven Beach Weather – The Best Time To Visit Whitehaven Beach In Australia

In fact, while the better part of Australia is rugged up for the cold season, Whitehaven beach in Whitsundays enjoys some of the finest weather.


Here are the details about Whitehaven beach, or rather Whitsundays weather, so that you can choose the best time to visit this famous site in Australia.

  • January to March is the rainy season, as it’s rather hot and humid
  • April to May is shoulder season since the heat and humidity decreases
  • June to August is perfect for sailing. It’s also why the Whitsundays is called a sailing “Mecca”.
  • September and October are the peak season. During this period, the skies are clear, the winds are light and the sun is shining bright. No more talking, right? This is the best time to visit Whitehaven Beach In Australia
  • November to December experienced a shift in the winds. As a result, the weather will be cozier and warmer.

Things To Do At Whitehaven Beach

Merely chilling on the beach and spotting marine life seem to be enough for a rest at Whitehaven Beach. But if you’re asking for more, we can still offer some worth-the-try activities.

All-Night Boating


The Whitsundays, or more specifically, the Whitehaven beach, is home to one of the best sailing holidays in the world. There is an all-night adventure on the boat for everyone. You’ll have a chance to enjoy the breeze at sea with the biggest caravan of crewed boating yachts in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whitehaven Beach Camping


In fact, Whitehaven Beach is located inside the Whitsunday Island national park. So, there are several zones for tourists to camp.

Reach for Whitsunday Island Camping Connections to ask for support for your camping plans. And of course, you have to pay the fees for the services you get. The camping site is mainly on the southern end of Whitehaven Beach.

Otherwise, you can certainly have a self-sufficient camp if you want. Just anchor overnight off the coast and then build your tent. However, when camping on Whitehaven Beach on your own, remember these things:

  • You must not swim in Cid Harbour. There were serious injuries or even death that occurred because of shark attacks.
  • Use only fuel or gas stoves when cooking. Ash-producing stoves or fires are not allowed in this area.
  • Bring enough fresh water. It must be at least five liters a day for an adult.
  • Last but not least, take only memories, leave only footprints. Clean up your camping spot to maintain the beauty of nature.

Enjoy The Hill Inlet


When getting to the top of the one-kilometer walk, the panoramic sights of Whitsundays Islands National Park will open up right before your eyes. On one side, you’ll see Chance Bay with sparkling waters running through the inlets. And on the other side is the white sand extending down Whitehaven Beach towards the Hill Inlet in the north.

Hill Inlet offers tourists a pretty cove, where the wave moves the water and sand to form a swirling fusion of turquoise colors. But that’s not all. For the best sight, take a walk to the Hill Inlet Lookout. From this point, you can see Whitehaven Beach swirling sands and the waters of the coral ocean melting together in a fusion of fantastical beauty.

Amazing Facts about Whitehaven Beach You may not know

  • The incredible white sand: It is seven kilometers of unbelievable white sand with a beautiful, nearly luminous color. It has some of the whitest sand on the planet.
  • The sand that never holds heat: Because the sand on Whitehaven is 98 percent silica, it has a powder-like consistency and never retains heat. Even during the warmest portion of the day, tourists can walk pleasantly over its seven kilometers of sand. Even in the height of summer, the beautiful beach is the ideal place to unwind and sunbathe.
  • A beach built of pure silica: Unlike other beaches across the world, Whitehaven is constructed of 98% pure silica. The silica provides the sand its snowy appearance and other distinguishing characteristics. Compared to typical beach sand, which is made up of uneven particles of minerals, silica sand has a finer grain. As a result, it is softer and has a velvety texture.
  • Its odd origin: Even though the sand on the beach is 100% silica, the neighboring rocks lack silica. This implies that the sand was deposited on the island by tides bringing silica grains millions of years ago.
  • Strict rules: Rules have been implemented to keep the beach in pristine condition. Dogs and smoke are not permitted on the beach to preserve the upscale environment.
  • The most photographed beach: Whitehaven Beach is Australia’s most photographed beach.
  • A tuning cove adjusts the tide from the sand and water of Whitehaven beach to produce a magnificent mix of colors.

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