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Experience The Only Houseboat Museum Worldwide in Amsterdam

The Houseboat Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands provides a unique experience of living on a real houseboat. Plus, since this is the only houseboat museum in the world, you have one more reason to buy tickets to pay at least a visit.

History Of The Unique Museum


The houseboat museum these days was in fact a 1914 vessel. After being changed, it was named Hendrika Maria. 

People used the initial vessel to transport coal, gravel, and sand until 1960. Then, they converted it into a houseboat to preserve its historic exterior appearance.

In fact, there are residents that have been living here for ages. But for now, it’s where people can only come to visit.

Guide To Houseboat Museum

Its location is on the Prinsengracht canal, the central neighborhood of Jordaan. This area delivers an appropriate setting for the museum boat.

It takes you a five-minute walk from the Anne Frank House to get there. Also, it’s not too far from Westerkerk church.

What To See In Houseboat Museum


Though it’s just a boat, it’s quite convenient with a sizable living room, a sleeping bunk, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Firstly, let’s have a sit in the cozy Living Room. The furniture here is those aged from the 1950s. 

The Kitchen is to be the cargo hold and now become the souvenir store and the ticket office. The rest are the bathroom, which is closed to tourists, and a sleeping corner with a double bed.

If you want to learn about this museum, head to the front of the ship. There will be the projector room which displays a 4-minute presentation of houseboat pictures.

Houseboat Museum Tickets

Just like other museums in the world, you have to pay fees to get in. In the Houseboat museum, a ticket for an adult is €4.50. Kids up to 152 cm high have to pay €3.50.

If you have the “I Amsterdam Card”, you don’t have to buy tickets to enter the Houseboat museum.

Also, remember to check the opening times beforehand since they can be changed in certain months.

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