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The Best Must-Visit Coffee Shops In Toronto

For those who are caffeine addicts, this is a must-read post for you. So, not wasting your time anymore, here we are the best must-visit coffee shops in Toronto. Let’s find out and have a good time with your buddies.

Rooster Coffee – Coffee Shops In Toronto


If you want to enjoy the brews and east-end views, should go to Rooster Coffee. A good morning must start with good coffee, right?

Having a sip on its iconic house blends will brighten up your day. Or else, you can sit outside to enjoy the amazing view of Toronto’s skyline looking from the Riverdale Park. 

Rooster won a string of awards for single-origin coffees from all around the world.

The Tampered Press


This Dundas West café is an ideal choice and a good definition of a neighborhood coffee shop. It is also the place to have an espresso and a house-baked treat for a short walk in the park in the morning, maybe. 

The Tampered Press offer has a wide range of teas and various types of typical and dairy-free milk. To conclude, this coffee shop can meet every guest’s needs. You can chill on the benches and watch people around or marvel at the continuously changing art from local talents while waiting for your coffee.

Cafe23 – Coffee Shops In Toronto


Due to its jungle of dense greenery, Cafe23 often fools people that is it a greenhouse instead of a coffee shop. This cafe’s location is on Queen West street.

It has a menu from Asian coffee, such as Vietnamese one, to so-called Western cardamom cinnamon spice latte. Cafe23 truly knows a thing or two about caffeine. It is well-known for its butter tarts as well since it won the Provincial Award 2 times for these tarts.

French Made


You can have a French taste without going to France when coming to this cafe, we ensure. Now, just let your ticket to Paris slide and order un café from French Made!

This is a lovely coffee location with a friendly so-called neighborhood vibe on the Bisha Hotel’s ground floor. Satisfy your caffeine-addicted soul with their iconic drip coffee, such as an iced latte or americano. It would be perfect to leave with a slice of pain aux bananes.

Reunion Coffee Roasters – Coffee Shops In Toronto


In 2018, this coffee shop had many votes as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. It is because of the good purpose of the owner when launching the cafe. It’s the belief in helping local farms with a crop-to-cup ethos.

Pilot Coffee Roasters


This cafe plays an important role in the enhancement of Toronto’s culture of coffee. The business started with just a small coffee shop in Leslieville. It then thrived unstoppably into a series of stores and roastery across Toronto.

Its mission statement is to provide great coffee in a way that brings benefits to both consumers and growers.

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