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Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries In Amsterdam

Besides famous national institutions, the Netherlands also has many independent sites to explore. Here are some must-visit contemporary art galleries in Amsterdam – the heart of the country.



At P/////AKT, you can see many works of arising talents. This collaboration is to create shows and exhibits that explore contemporary enhancement within the world of art.

The gallery fosters artists to make site-specific creations for displays and usually holds additional shows during finesses. This is a non-profit organization. They have been funded by some art initiatives in the Netherlands, such as the Mondrian Fund. 

P/////AKT often hosts about 10 exhibitions a year and offers a rentable living space allocated for traveling artists.

Mediamatic – Art Galleries In Amsterdam


The Mediamatic’s headquarters is at Dijksgracht. This is a multi-purpose incubator that serves many various projects. For example, displays that are relevant to bio-art, sustainability, innovative agriculture, etc.

It has areas for design projects and smaller art that spread around the complex. There is also a large exhibit zone on the east side. After going through and enjoying the works here, you can have some food at its waterside restaurant. It offers vegan meals made from ingredients collected from an in-house aquaculture greenhouse.

De Appel


Since the mid-1970s period, De Appel has played a crucial role in Amsterdam’s modern art scene. It is one of the most well-respected and city’s oldest cultural centers. 

The center has resettled several times over the years. But it has always featured an area for exhibits and shows. It is famous for its annual program tending to center on promising talent. De Appel also has training courses for curators and owns a large library for research.

Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Ground – Art Galleries In Amsterdam


This multi-disciplinary folk center mostly shows the creations of contemporary talents. For example, they are artists, performers, and writers. Especially, they mainly come from Flanders, Belgium. 

Basically, the center holds the position of a creative embassy for Flanders. Its purpose is to encourage communication between the Dutch and the Flemish art scenes. The center’s events take place during the week. This site has space for exhibits, performances, and talks. It has an in-house Belgian-style bar as well. The bar is well-known as one of the biggest terraces in Central Amsterdam.


GO Gallery’s original location was underneath a construction scaling a street-art work by the London Police collective on Prinsengracht, Prince’s Canal. It then relocated to another address on Marnixstraat.

The gallery won several art prizes since its establishment in the 1990s period. For example, it earned both contemporary Pop art and street art. It also has presented creations from many prominent figures within the intertwined scenes. Due to its ongoing and long-term contributions to the art field, GO Gallery championed the string of Dutch Street Art Prizes for Greatest Gallery in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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