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Rookie mistake: What not to do in the Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is one of the friendliest countries in the world, there are certain things that people should not do in the country. We’ll help you discover!

Understanding bike lanes in the Netherlands


Cycling culture is a feature of life in the Netherlands. This is why people will notice that most roads in the country have dedicated bike paths. They are called fietspaden in Dutch. Some areas have marked lanes on public roads. This is why pedestrians must avoid cycling. They must also always look left and right before crossing because bicycles regulate the road in the Netherlands. When tourists walk along a shared sidewalk, they should allow cyclists to pass on the left.

Special Coffee Shops


The coffee shops that people know about are not the same as the cafes in the Netherlands. Instead, these are places where people can experience the most enduring cannabis culture in the world. An old bakery that served coffee once operated as a “coffee shop” by secretly selling other things while the operation was still illegal. Although the sale of cannabis was canceled quite a while ago, the Coffeeshop name still lives here. So people visiting the Netherlands must not mistake the Coffeeshop for a coffee shop.

Note when renting a bicycle.

For both cyclists and pedestrians, those visiting the Netherlands must familiarize themselves with the cycling scene in the country. So, when renting a bike, people have to learn about the local rules and expect to meet all kinds of personalities, both mild-mannered and aggressive. When renting a bicycle, people must not step out of their lane or block the path of other cyclists. They must obey all traffic lights and signs and park only where permitted. Hand signaling before turning is also something to keep in mind.

Drinking in the Netherlands also needs to be allowed


Drinking alcohol in public is not allowed in some areas of the Netherlands. However, in Amsterdam, the police may let people go on weekends, festivals, and De Wallen and Vondelpark. However, if a person carries open bottles of alcohol, gets drunk, and shoots the scene in public, they may spend the night at the police station.

Furthermore, people are better off avoiding smoking in public and doing it only in cafes instead. Patrol officers can warn people to respect the smoking rules. At worst, they can penalize smokers who don’t follow the rules. These are intended to ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the chance of smokers being hit by a bicycle while under the influence of marijuana.

The Dutch weather is something to complain about.


Pack your bags and dress appropriately when you arrive in the Netherlands. This is because it rains most of the year. So people have to bring rain clothes, waterproof clothes.

The Dutch can spend all day complaining about the weather. It is too sunny, rainy, cold, or ordinary to please the Dutch!

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