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Pampus: The Most Charismatic Island In The Netherlands

The Pampus Fort Island was formerly a component of Amsterdam’s Defence Line. There are historical artifacts to find all across the island. Pampus is a mysterious aura for guests of all ages.

What makes Fort Island Pampus in the Netherlands so special?



The Netherlands is home to several forts. Most of which are relatively similar in appearance. Fort Island Pampus stands out since its unique position on an island in the IJsselmeer, close to Amsterdam.

The Fort along Pampus is located in Lake IJmeer, about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) north of Muiden’s harbor entrance. Muiden is a fortified town. It is the best place to visit the section of Amsterdam’s Defense Line, and draws more than 40,000 visitors annually.

The only way to get to the island is by ferry, private boat, or canoe. The boat ride is an adventure lasting around 20 minutes. Then, the watchman will greet you when you arrive.

Unique architecture


Fort Island Pampus is evidence of past wartime. Although the fort in Hook of Holland makes a better image, the concept of the armored turrets is still present. During World War II, the Germans repurposed the steel turrets of both forts for their military equipment.



Fort Island Pampus was constructed between 1887 and 1895.

In 1914–1918, the fort was deployed. German dive bombers practiced on the island during World War II after all the metal had been removed. People could cross the ice to the island during the Hunger Winter of 1944–1945, and they cut down all the wood for fuel.

Things to do in Pampus in the Netherlands

Pampus Island provides a wide range of activities: Pampus experience: escorted tours, independent exploration of the fortress, games, and treasure hunts. Additionally, the cafe’s patio offers stunning views of the ocean as sailboats cruise by. It, formerly a stronghold for the military, is now a tranquil island where people of all ages may relax and enjoy themselves. Is history a chore? On Pampus, not!

Participate in the ‘Pirate Week’ event

The Cayman Islands hold a Pirate Week Festival every year in November, replete with a fictitious seaborne pirate invasion! There are fun-filled days of float parades, street dances, pirate invasions, athletic activities, heritage exhibits, fireworks galore, etc.


With 35,000 attendees, Pirate Week has evolved to be the nation’s largest event during the past 40 years.

For the first time ever, Pirate Week will be known as “Pirate Fest” in 2022, starting on October 14th. During this time, 160 pirates will be visiting the island; be on the lookout for them!

Shopping at a local shop in Pampus


Visitors may eat lunch, drink cocktails, and enjoy coffee and cake in the Pavilion. The terrace offers a wonderful view of the IJmeer and the passing boats. Visitors arriving by boat are welcomed at the Pavilion (free admission). Numerous mementos are available at the store.

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