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A Guide To Mount Wellington, Tasmania: Hobart’s Best Attraction

Literally impossible to miss is Mount Wellington in Tasmania. In Wellington Park, a breathtaking wilderness area, the majestic Mount Wellington, also known as Kunanyi, towers over Hobart. Here is a guide to Mount Wellington for travelers.

Why Should You Visit Mount Wellington?


The peak climbs are 1271 meters above sea level, and the South West Wilderness, Bruny Island, and the wider Hobart area are all visible from the summit.

The city is largely situated in the foothills, and the occasionally snow-capped peak is visible from every part of the city. This is Hobart’s backyard, a place where inhabitants go for picnics with friends, mountain bike rides over steep routes, and hikes past waterfalls and into forested gullies.

The 18,000-hectare park is home to an astounding diversity of wildlife, including more than 500 native plant species, many of them endemic, dozens of bird species, and mammals like potoroos, pademelons, bettongs, platypuses, and echidnas. It also has a variety of microclimates, including temperate rainforest, subalpine flora, and tundra.

The tallest mountain in the Wellington Range is Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, followed by Collins Cap, Cathedral Rock, and Sleeping Beauty.

The Best Time to Visit Mount Wellington (Mount Wellington weather)

You can visit Mount Wellington, Tasmania at any time of the year. However, for many outdoor activities, the summer holiday season (December–January) is regarded as the ideal time.

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Top 5 Things To Do in Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Look at the views


Kunanyi/Mount Wellington’s top offers stunning views of Hobart and much of southern Tasmania. For views far into the Southwest wilderness, head to the summit’s western side. The vantage spots include boardwalks and lookout platforms, as well as the pinnacle observation shelter, which is available from 7 am to 10 pm from September to April and from 7 am to 5.30 pm from May to August.

Mount Wellington Walk


There are several possibilities for walking. One of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks, The Organ Pipes, departs at The Springs in the middle of the mountain’s slopes and descends beneath its dolerite cliffs. Above, watch out for rock climbers. From The Springs, the Zig Zag and Ice House trails ascend to the peak. On the mountain, a number of guided walking trips are offered by the firm Walk on Kunanyi.

Travel past the mountain

A variety of additional peaks are concealed behind the tower-topped summit, offering a different vantage point of the monolith. To go to Collins Cap, Collins Bonnet, and Trestle Mountain, climb up from Collinsvale past Myrtle Forest Falls (aka Sleeping Beauty). Alternately, follow the North West Bay River to Cathedral Rock, a local favorite with great views of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

Mount Wellington cycling


The guided, half-day Mount Wellington Descent takes you from the summit to the shoreline of the mountain. Mountain bikers are drawn to the 11-kilometer North South Track, which runs from The Springs to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park and is appropriate for intermediate riders. A kinder option is the expansive Pipeline Track, which circles the mountain from Fern Tree. Cathedral Rock may be seen well from the shared-use path (which is accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians). Cycling the track to the Wellington Falls junction (13 km from Fern Tree) and then walking to the falls is a common activity.

Play Winter


The best show in Hobart in the winter, when the mountain is intermittently covered in snow, is a trip up the mountain to crunch through the new cover and fling a few snowballs. It’s also customary to make a snowman on the bonnet of your car before returning to the city. Check the City of Hobart website for any closures since the road to the peak may be closed due to snow or ice accumulation.

How to get to Mount Wellington, Tasmania


The center of Hobart lies 21 kilometers (or 30 minutes) west of the summit of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington. The city and the peak are connected by the Kunanyi/Mount Wellington Explorer Bus.

Through this article, we showed you a guide to Mount Wellington, including the weather, things to do, and getting there. Please give your feedback by leaving a comment below!

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