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Old-School Favorite Dishes On Hawaii Island

Let’s take a step back in time with these old-school favorite dishes on Hawaii Island. 

Hilo Seaside Restaurant – Favorite Dishes On Hawaii Island


Seiichi Nakagawa took charge of the Seaside Club in 1926. Unfortunately, the 1946 Hilo tsunami completely destroyed it. Seiichi had to rebuild the club and moved it to its present place.

For many years, the restaurant mainly concentrated on mullet and chicken. Especially, they use the mullet that come from the restaurant’s 30-acre fish pond.

Recently, the third-owner generation has added Pacific Rim treats and an extended dining room. However, almost seat still keeps the fishponds view and the artificial islands with gazebos in Japanese style. 

Although the mullet and chicken no longer exist on the menu, some mullet still seek their way into the fishponds. So, if you order ahead of time and are fortunate, you may still have a chance to taste the past.

Kawamoto Store


Established in 1947, the Kawamoto store is one of the classic okazuya in the Japanese style of Hawaii. This deli is the vestige of the plantation times when workers stopped by to buy food before work. 

Even until recent days, it would be best to arrive early to pick your favorites. You can point and select from the side dishes put behind the glass case. The shop workers welcome customers by their first name. In the meantime, they load treats such as spam musubi, stir-fried noodles, nori-wrapped chicken, fried nuggets of ʻono, fried corned beef patties, etc. into prepared paper white boxes.

They have no place for customers to seat. You can buy the treats and go on for a beach picnic.

Teshima Restaurant – Favorite Dishes On Hawaii Island


At first, in 1929, Teshima was just a general store. Then, its owner, Mary Shizuko Teshima turned it into a place that serves ice cream. After getting bored of ice cream, she change it to a soda fountain, and after that, hamburgers. 

Finally, in 1957, Mary developed a complete restaurant. She also brought in a professional chef who was trained in Japan to work for her restaurant. And its menu is still mostly intact today.

Must-try treats here are delicately fried, shrimp tempura, sukiyaki, and the No. 3 Teishoku with sashimi.

During the recent pandemic, the fourth-owner generation stops serving for a while to redecorate the place. However, the old-school vibe still stays after the refreshing. You can find the pictures of “Grandma Teshima,” the old shoji shutters over the red booths and windows, etc.

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