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Most Romantic Things To Do in New York City That Are Sure to Impress

Looking to plan a romantic getaway with your significant other? Why not escape to the bustling city of New York? There’s no shortage of romantic things to do in NYC, from horse-drawn carriage in Central Park to intimate dinners overlooking the skyline. Here are some of the best date ideas to help make your date nights in NYC extra special!

New York’s Most Romantic Things To Do

Ride Through the Most Romantic Scene of NYC on a Horse Carriage


New York is a fast-paced city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to slow things down and enjoy a romantic moment with your loved one. Taking a horse carriage ride through Central Park is a great way to do just that. You’ll get to see some of the most romantic sights of NYC while cuddling up close to the one you love. After all, there’s nothing quite like being able to share the magic of New York City at a slower pace.

Row Your Date Through The Lake of Central Park


Arguably the most romantic place in NYC, Central Park is a popular setting for a first date. And if you have an extra $30, it’s possible to row your date around the lake to enjoy the romantic setting, the beautiful view and the chance to get to know each other a little better. For that reason, this activity is sure to get your heart pumping and your date will appreciate the effort you put in.

Enjoy The Most Romantic Date in NYC with a Panoramic View of Manhattan


If you’re looking for the most romantic date night idea in NYC, add One World Observatory to your plan. One World Observatory provides guests with a truly romantic experience in the heart of New York City, complete with a panoramic view of the city and delicious food options. One World Observatory is the highest point in New York City and the best spot for a romantic date night.

Spice Up Your NYC Dates at Museum of Sex


If you’re looking for an idea to turn up the heat on your date night in NYC, a trip to the Museum of Sex is perfect for you. With its vast collection of exhibitions and interactive games, you and your date will be sure to learn something new while getting in touch with your intimate needs.

Get Creative with Your Date at BYOB Painting Classes


There’s nothing like a little creativity to get the romance flowing, and painting together is a great way to let your creativity run wild. Moreover, you can turn your masterpiece into a keepsake, whether for your living room or for the two of you to hang in your home. Most BYOB Painting Studios supply all the art supplies and even the canvas, so you can get started straight away. In addition to that, you will get all the instruction you need. And it’s a great chance to get silly once in a while.

More Romantic Date Ideas To Do in NYC

  • Thrill Your Date with Indoor Skydiving
  • Take a Couple Cooking Class
  • Show Your Moves at Roller Skating Dates
  • Rack Your Spy Brains at SPYSCAPE
  • Compete With Your Date at a Bowling Alley
  • Tune In With Your Intuition and Try Sculpting Blindfolded

The Ultimate Dating Tips for New York Couples

While these romantic NYC date ideas are great, but most New Yorkers don’t have enough time for themselves, much alone dating. Read more to find out how to keep the spark alive when you don’t have time for dating!


Agree on The Best Way to Communicate

Couples who communicate effectively with each other tend to build a stronger relationship based on trust and intimacy. To avoid miscommunication, you should use the same communication methods if you want to stay together. Choose a method of communication that you’re both comfortable with, whether it’s speaking on the phone, texting, or even video chatting. And make sure that you’re checking in with each other frequently.

Compare Your Schedules and Make Room For Each Other

When it comes to dating couples, one of the most important things that you need to do is to make sure that you are well aware of your partner’s schedule. This way, you will know when is the best time for you to be with your partner. Then, you will be able to make full use of your time together with our list of most romantic things to do in NYC.

Make Your Time Together Count

It’s all about making every little moment together count. Don’t wait until there are only five minutes left in the night to finally act on that thing you’ve been wanting to do. Don’t wait until you have a whole day to plan out a specific activity. Even if all you do is sit on the couch and watch TV together, it’s still time you spent together.

Make A Few Compromises and Sacrifices

A good relationship doesn’t come easily, and it certainly doesn’t last without effort. If you want to have a successful dating relationship, you’re going to have to learn to make a few accommodations. It can be as small as deciding where to go for the night, and as serious as moving in together. It can be difficult to always see eye-to-eye with your significant other, but it’s important to try to understand their perspective before making any decisions as a couple. By taking the time to truly listen to your partner and see things from their point of view, you can help make sure that you’re both on the same page and make decisions that are best for both of you.


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