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Meet Rare White Lion With Gorgeous Hair In South Africa

At a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, a stunning white-haired lion with a perfect mane of hair has become a top draw. This South African lion is a hit and was named the most beautiful lion in the world.

Director and photographer Simon Needham, 55, captured the picture of the well-groomed African lion at the Glen Garriff Lion Conservation in Harrismith, South Africa. The magnificent photos captured the male white lion as he ambled around the conservation in all his glory.


A photograph captures the lion in mid-roar, while another shows it lying down with its impressive mane on the ground. Simon said the following about the magnificent white lion: “I took these pictures to help @GGConseervation on social media,” he says. “It’s always a great feeling when I take pictures that I know will support the charity I’m shooting for.”

It can be challenging to draw attention to a worthwhile cause, but powerful visuals can really engage audiences.

All threatened animal species require our assistance if we want them to survive for our future generations’ children and grandchildren.

“We can only hope to prevent the extinction of these species with continued support,” the statement reads.


White lions, which have the appearance of being albinos, are actually the result of a rare color mutation called leucism.

Animals with this condition have a partial loss of pigmentation, giving them a recognizable white appearance. A gene is known as a color inhibitor that is recessive in nature and frequently causes leucism.

The Glen Garriff Lion Conservation received its first lion in 2002, and as of this writing, it is responsible for more than 70 lions.

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