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Lord Howe Island: The Best Time To Visit And Things To Do

Lord Howe Island is one of the world’s heritage sites, and there are millions of visitors come here every year. If you intend to visit this island, do not skip this article because we will provide useful information about Lord Howe Island, such as the best time to visit and the things you should do, like surfing or diving.

Where Is It?


East of Port Macquarie in the Tasman Sea is the tiny Australian island of Lord Howe. Sandy beaches, subtropical forests, and crystal-clear waters define it. A trail that ascends the lofty Mount Gower in the south offers panoramic views. The calm waters off Ned’s Beach in the north are abundant in fish and coral. Seabird colonies, including masked boobies, can be found on the island.

There is unquestionably one of the most extraordinary and stunning locations on earth, with 75% of its land being a protected park preserve.

This island’s community has a history of world-class conservation projects under its belt. The community has a strong connection to the environment, and many of the successful conservation projects over the last century were pioneered by the community. World-class conservation efforts that started more than a century ago and are still going strong today help to preserve this island, renowned for being a place of pristine nature.

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The Best Time Of Year To Visit Lord Howe Island


Anytime! The weather on Lord Howe Island is pleasant all year long. Summers are kept from getting too hot by sea breezes, and pleasant winters are guaranteed by the nearby warm seas.

Lord Howe is most frequently visited from September to May, but even in the winter (June, July, and August), the days can be sunny and warm. The island’s summertime highs average around 25 °C and fall to an average low of 19 °C in the winter. Daily lows range from 20 °C in the summer to 12 – 14 °C in the winter.

Top Things To Do On Lord Howe Island

Surfing On Lord Howe Island


One of the best things to do on Lord Howe Island is surfing. Waves are a given when there is a shallow coral reef at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. All year long, Lord Howe received strong groundswell from the Southern and Pacific oceans. There are ten waves that are frequently surfed, some of which are world-class. Everyone can find something to enjoy in modest settings. The limiting variables are wind and tides.

It is best to bring your own boards because rental ones may be considered “excess” and not allowed to travel with you. To get to the best surfing spots, you may need to paddle (or kayak) up to one kilometer.



Lord Howe Island is a haven for bushwalkers. There is something for everyone, from leisurely beach strolls through the palm and banyan tree forests to more strenuous mountain hikes like the Seven Peaks Walk that scramble along cliffsides and provide breathtaking views of the entire island and the Tasman Sea. The Mt. Gower climb, a strenuous ascent of 875 meters, is one of the best day hikes in the entire world. You must be extremely physically fit, but the cloud forest at the summit will be your reward for your preparation for the hike. Jack Shick, a fifth-generation Norfolkian and knowledgeable mountain guide, leads tours on Mondays and Thursdays.

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Diving and Snorkeling


You could spend your entire vacation diving at one of the more than 60 top-notch dive sites in the oceans surrounding Lord Howe Island. Due to the warm ocean currents that pass through the region, the water’s temperature is consistently between 18 and 26 degrees. This is one of the most breathtaking diving and snorkeling regions in the world, with over 90 species of colorful coral and 500 species of fish known to live in the reefs. The tallest sea stack in the world, Ball’s Pyramid, is a must-see. The coral is kaleidoscopic, the boulders are covered in vibrant red and green plant life, and if you’re lucky, you might even see the elusive angelfish among the myriad other marine species that can be found there.



One of Australia’s most picturesque golf courses is the one on this island. It is close to the magnificent Mt. Gower and Mt. Lidgbird, which are enormous mountains that appear to tower in the distance. This unusual course offers many challenges as you travel through kentia palm forests and out onto the shore, whether you come to play your nine holes in the annual Golf Tournament held each November or play a friendly round as part of a relaxing vacation. The Lord Howe Island Golf Club hosts a regular Friday afternoon and Sunday Social game in addition to an Easter competition. You’ll be welcomed by the locals.



With a specially designed new boat, Reef and Beyond is better able to navigate some of the higher ocean swells near Lord Howe Island. You can board the boat with up to 20 people and be out fishing close to Ball’s pyramid in less than 25 minutes.

Join Crom from Oblivienne Sportsfishing on the water for a fishing adventure you won’t soon forget. In addition to your highly developed angling abilities, his years of experience will be priceless as you fish the lagoon.

The Lulawei offers sunset fishing trips, while Jack Shick’s Noctiluca can take you deep-sea fishing for kingfish, trevally, wahoo, and tuna.

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