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Madurodam Den Haag, A Small Park That Includes All Of The Netherlands Sights

Madurodam Den Haag is a small park in The Hague, the Netherlands. But surprisingly, you can see almost the country’s prominent attractions in just this unique park.

An Overview Of Madurodam Den Haag


Madurodam is a small park and also the main monument in The Hague, the Netherlands. You can find the park in the Scheveningen district. Madurodam Den Haag displays the 1:25 scale model duplicates of Dutch castles, public buildings, and industrial projects.

Madurodam’s first opening was in 1952. Since then, the park has received over 50 million visits. Earnings from the attraction are then invested in the Madurodam Support Fund Society, which helps children in need.

In fact, people established this site to serve as a memorial to George Maduro, the resistance hero. 

When coming here, you’ll have a trip through the country’s history and famous buildings. Not only that, but you can also get a practical experience while seeing the park.

Things To See At Madurodam Den Haag


As we mentioned above, Madurodam features small model duplicates of Dutch sights. These superb figures have been made with supreme skill and look almost exactly like their real-life models. 

For example, there is the 13th-century Dom Tower, which is the icon that represents Utrecht. Just a few meters away is a full-blown figure of Amsterdam’s Dam Square. Along with that are the Royal Palace and the National Monument.

Renowned buildings from other cities are also here, such as the Hague’s Peace Palace and Rotterdam’s Art Deco Hotel New York. These urban areas are encircled by countryside Dutch scenes. And all of the scenes replicate regions of stunning beauty. For instance, the glorious tulip fields and 19 windmills at Kinderdijk.

There are even minuscule human models who populate patchwork cities. They travel around on foot, by car, and by bike. These tiny residents wear clothes that tone with the season. As the weather patterns change, they also their outfits.

Also, there are three different zones in Madurodam park with different themes, including

  • StedenRijk – Mainly focus on old town hubs
  • VindingRijk – This zone shows Dutch architecture, design, entertainment, and innovations
  • WaterRijk – Water as friend and foe

Other Interactive Experience


When entering the park, you’ll receive a personal smartphone. This device equips a media-rich experience that tells the story behind each thing.

Besides displaying iconic figures, Madurodam also offers a number of hands-on experiences. These activities help make the park more fun and interactive. Some of them are

  • Loading containers onto a cargo vessel in the port of Rotterdam model
  • Helping a plane to land at Schiphol airport 
  • Preventing a flood by using the Oosterscheldekering storm tide barrier

Opening Hour

Madurodam is available all year round at 9:00 AM. Visitors can easily travel to the park by public transportation from The Hague. 

However, the park closes at some times throughout the year. So make sure to check beforehand on the Madurodam website.

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