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Why is Groningen Excalibur the Greatest Climbing Wall in Holland?

Have you ever heard about the Excalibur Climbing Wall in Groningen, the Netherlands? It might not the most soaring climbing wall, but it is surely the coolest one ever!

About The Excalibur Climbing Wall In Groningen


The Excalibur is one of the towering freestanding climbing towers worldwide. It’s over 37 meters tall and weighs 50 tons. You can find it at Bieskemaar 3, 9735 AE Groningen, the Netherlands.

The soaring height of the Excalibur Climbing Wall offers breathtaking sights for those who climb to the top. Plus, its 36-foot curve design creates an extreme overhang that can compare to a real cliff.

There are also indoor climbing walls for fresh climbers to practice. Still, Excalibur is what draws tourists’ attention from all over the world. Isn’t great to reach the top and enjoy the Dutch scenery stretching in all directions?

FYI, this climbing wall in Groningen was named after King Arthur’s sword.

How To Get There

The Excalibur climbing wall is at Klimcentrum Bjoeks in Groningen. You can drive there since there is a free parking area by the climbing center.

You can also travel by public transportation such as the train or bus. It takes approximately twenty minutes from the Groningen center to Bjoeks.

Things To Know Before Going


To enjoy your climbing adventure, there are things you need to know first

  • The price is €12 per person, including a gym workout on the following day
  • If you’re planning to make a climb, you must call beforehand to inform them. This is for your safety as they’ll have someone watching you
  • It’s better to not climb solo since you need someone to belay you. Still, you can hire staff in case you need help (of course you do). The hiring fee is €10 for an hour
  • Can fresher climb this Groningen Excalibur Climbing Wall? Of course, as long as you want to. However, you’ll be required to have a two-hour lesson with an instructor first. The fee is €35 per person
  • Belaying on the wall is challenging due to the wind
  • It’s better to climb with lead climbing though it’s doable with the top rope

What To Bring When Climbing Groningen Excalibur Wall


Here are things you should bring for your climbing on the Groningen Excalibur Wall trip:

  • A rope
  • Harness and carabiners (locking or non-locking is optional)
  • Suitable climbing clothing and shoes
  • Chalk bag
  • Belay/rappel device
  • Personal Anchor System (PAS)

The gym here offers several needed devices, but you certainly have to pay to rent them.

Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s have the great climbing experience ever in the heart of a modern city!

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