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King’s Day in 2022 in the Netherlands: everything you need to know!

King’s Day 2022 is the best party in the Netherlands! On April 27, the Netherlands turns orange to honor King’s Day as the country celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

Traditionally, the Dutch participate in these festivals by wearing orange and partying along the roads and canals. This year, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, and several members of the Dutch royal family will attend carnivals and celebrations in the Maastrict.

Don’t forget to wear orange clothes on King’s Day in 2022 in the Netherlands

Kings Day 2022 in the Netherlands

Do they wonder why places like Amsterdam turn into a sea of ​​oranges on King’s Day? The Dutch Royal Family is called the “House of Orange-Nassau,” so orange has become the national color of the Netherlands. It is a tradition to wear orange on King’s Day and everyone goes out! The outfit, the hat, the wig, and the makeup it’s all orange.

People flock to the flea market.

King's day flea market
King’s day flea market

On King’s Day, people can sell things on the street without a permit. This has resulted in many flea markets (vrijmarkten) springing up all over different cities!

You can buy a lot of bargains at these markets. Also, enjoy the performances of street artists. Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the place to find children’s stuff. It’s also the only area in the city, especially for sellers under the age of 16 – the perfect location for kids to practice their negotiating and selling craftworks!

Everyone toasts the King with Oranjebitter

An orange liqueur was specially created in honor of Dutch prince hundreds of years ago. This is the perfect drink to celebrate the King’s birthday!

King’s Day in 2022 in the Netherlands: Tips to celebrate at home

This year, the covid epidemic still affects everyone’s life. So if you want to celebrate in a less crowded setting, you can stay home and enjoy it. However, celebrations will still take place as usual across the Netherlands.

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