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Interesting Things About The Unique Flying Bridge of the Netherlands

Given the number of canals in the Netherlands, there are nearly as many beautiful bridges to cross them. Large, small, lively, fancy, the list goes on. Here, it seems to be bridge heaven! Most foreigners have mind-exploded impression with the Netherlands’ bridges. Especially when they see some of the special bridges moving up for the first time.

All you need to know about Slauerhoffbrug bridge

The Netherlands has so many canals (man-made waterways) and rivers. Therefore, bridges are must-have architectures all over the country. All the bridges must be built in a way that boats and barges can pass beneath them while also allowing cars and bikes to drive over them. That is why drawbridges, such as the Slauerhoff Bridge, are extremely useful.


Slauerhoffbrug is a fully automatic bascule bridge. Sometimes people referred it to as a ‘tail bridge,’ is located in the city of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. It is 15 meters long and seriously looks like a robotic arm with a hammer.

Van Driel Mechatronica designed Slauerhoffbrug in 2000 to cross the Harlinger Vaart River. It is possibly the only bridge in the world that physically moves the road out of the way by completely separating it from the bridge. A massive, multistory pylon hoists a 2,500-square-foot piece of the road into the sky as sailboats pass by. The road automatically squeezes back into its waiting crevice after the boat passes through.


Every day, the Flying Drawbridge is raised and lowered ten times, a one-of-a-kind process that takes about three minutes. Its one-of-a-kind, ingenious design is most likely the result of an effort to find a more efficient and innovative way to connect the many bridges that span the Netherlands.

Another unique bridges in the Netherlands

Mozebrug, the name is just right.

Because the ground and water come all the way up to the bridge’s edge, the unique bridge cannot be seen from afar. As you get closer, the fortress reveals itself through a narrow trench. Then, like Moses on the water, you can walk up to its gates.


Zaligebrug, you will be confused whether it’s really considered a bridge

The Zalige Bridge connects Nijmegen’s northern bank of the Waal to Veur-Lent island in a very special way. The sober concrete structure seems like a playful path structure through the river. When the water level is high, the bridge will partially disappear under water. Because of the exciting walking route, Zaligebrug is not only part of the journey, but also part of the destination.


Zeelandbrug, the longest bridge of the Netherlands

The Zeeland Bridge, completed in 1965, spans the Oosterschelde between Zierikzee and Colijnsplaat in Zeeland province. The Zeeland Bridge is 5022 meters long and is the longest bridge in the Netherlands for many years.

Python Bridge, the bridge got its name just by looking at it

The bridge’s distinctive name perfectly reflects its primary distinction. Its serpentine shape of the metal bridge really makes it outstanding. The Python Bridge has beautiful railings with a lot of scarlet threads, which adds to the figure’s appeal.

The Veluwemeer Aqueduct, Netherland’s Unique Water Bridge

The Veluwemeer Aqueduct, a 25-meter-long water bridge, is a work of art. It allows 28,000 road vehicles and other water vehicles to daily pass through with ease. Moreover, pedestrian walkways on both sides allow for foot traffic.

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