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Indigenous Canadians Were Shocked Because Hunters Killed A Sacred White Spirit Moose

Hunters in Canada killed a sacred white “spirit moose,” which infuriated the local indigenous population. Moose hunting in Ontario has been increasing in recent years.

After being slain by poachers in the city of Timmins, Ontario, the white moose, which the residents revered, is being mourned there.

In native cultures, the creatures are a symbol of good fortune, and it is generally accepted that hunters should refrain from taking them.


According to Unilad, two female moose, one of which was white, were recently slain, and their carcasses were discovered on a lonely road.

After contributions from an organization that advocates for animal welfare and nearby drilling business, the total prize for the hunters’ capture is now at $8,000.

According to Flying Post First Nation Chief Murray Ray, everyone is “outraged and grieved” as a result of the shooting. Moose hunting in Ontario has been increasing recent years.

“You could shoot another one if you have a license to shoot a cow moose,” he continued. Just be silent about the white ones.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is presently looking into the situation.

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Since gaining legal protection in recent years, shooting white moose has been prohibited by municipal law.

In order to warn people about white moose, signs have been put up, and Murray continued, “I really hope they identify the folks who are responsible for this and they’re charged.”

According to Troy Woodhouse, a fellow member of the Flying Post First Nation, seeing a spirit moose in person makes you realize “how much of a sacred animal it is and rare and spectacular to witness.”

Additionally, he has offered a $1,000 reward for any information that results in the hunters being apprehended or turning themselves in.

Perhaps hunters were attempting to capture one moose when they accidentally captured another, Mr. Woodhouse continued. I would provide my share of any legal bills incurred by a person who does come forward and acknowledge what they did.

Three hunters killed a white moose in Nova Scotia back in 2013, infuriating the local Mi’kmaq population.

They returned the pelt so that a lengthy ceremony could be staged to honor the animal, but they kept the head as a prize.

“It’s up to us to defend the land and the forest,” Woodhouse added. Individuals can choose to stand up for their values, and that’s what I was attempting to do.

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