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A Cute Koala Turns Aggressive And Attacks A Woman In Queensland

Attempting to embrace a cute koala on the side of the road in Queensland, a woman got a nasty awakening when it suddenly attacked her.

The video has more than a million views since it was posted on TikTok on Thursday.

The person filming the situation can be heard saying: “This b****h trying to talk a f***ing koala… it’s about to f*** her day up and I’m about it.” in the video titled “Talking to a drop bear gone wrong.”

In the TikTok video, a woman can be seen approaching a koala that was siting on the side of the road 

The woman can be seen in the video walking toward the cute koala after noticing it sitting on a busy highway.

She then appears to converse with the marsupial while squatting down.

The koala becomes concerned and lunges at the woman as she gets closer, appearing to want to cuddle with it.

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The woman stumbles and falls to the ground as she tries to back away.

Then, while she is driving, the koala starts to attack her.

The voice from behind the camera can be heard shouting, “Get ’em!” as the koala launches an assault. Get em! Hahaha.’

If they feel threatened or that a human is about to assault them, koalas are more likely to become aggressive and attack that person.

Many people who commented on the video said that the woman was probably an American, even though it is unknown where she is from due to her careless handling of the local animal.

When Americans visit Australia, someone remarked.

Another person said, “Tell me you aren’t from Australia without telling me you aren’t from Australia.”

A third said, “If people from America ask me if drop bears are real, I’ll email them this.”

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