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Indian River Reptile And Dinosaur Park In Ontario: The Best Place For Kids

If your family has no plans for the kids this weekend, go to Canada’s dinosaur park in Ontario. This place is both a zoo with a variety of reptiles and has all the features of a park. One of the most favorite activities in the dinosaur park in Ontario is Drive-Thru which will definitely bring a fun and fulfilling weekend for your family.

About Indian River Reptile And Dinosaur Park In Ontario

Indian-River-Reptile-And- Dinosaur-Park
Indian-River-Reptile-And- Dinosaur-Park

At the Indian River Reptile Zoo, take a wild side stroll! The Indian River Reptile Zoo is home to more than 400 different species of reptiles from all over the world and is one of the few accredited reptile zoos in the nation. The park’s numerous attractions, which include both live animals and animatronics, make it enjoyable for the whole family.

The protection of reptiles is the top priority of the Indian River Reptile Zoo, which was founded in 1998. This explains why only a portion of the reptile residents is visible to the general public on any given day. The animals are rotated and given plenty of downtime behind the scenes to reduce stress. The Zoo takes pride in providing a haven for smuggled reptiles that have been abandoned or confiscated by the government.

The other main draw of the Reptile Zoo literally hails from another period! Over 60 life-size, moving dinosaur animatronics may be found in the Dinosaur Park. Tickets always sell out quickly because visitors drive through and view the dinosaurs from the comfort of their vehicles.

Just 15 kilometers east of Peterborough, on Highway 7 and County Road 38, is the Zoo. For all visitors, parking is free. We advise you to check the Indian River Reptile Zoo’s website for the most recent details and information.

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Exciting Activities In Dinosaur Park In Ontario



What better way to spend a nice summer night in a cottage region than to visit our park, which is available exclusively for you and your family to have a close-up look at our animals? Every evening, as our crocodiles and alligators are fed during their most active hours, a humorous and casual story is told.

Visitors are provided with a low-beam flashlight that has been modified to remove any white light that would irritate the crocodilians. A spectacular sight to behold is when dozens of red eyes flashback in complete darkness. Visitors are instructed on how to aim their beams to examine the reflective layer of the animal’s eyes.

To enjoy the pleasure of seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, visitors must make reservations in advance. As they say, “Croc time is at night.”


Have you ever imagined what it was like for dinosaurs to roam the earth? With our NEW Walk-Thru Dinosaur Park, you can now. On foot, explore the Park, but beware of ravenous dinosaurs! Scotty the Tyrannosaurus Rex should always be on the lookout, as should the Giant Spinosaurus.

When you arrive, you can purchase walk-through tickets for Canada’s Dinosaur Park in the gift shop, after which you can view the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and various outdoor wildlife habitats. An exciting journey for the entire family!

Drive Through Dinosaur Park


Have you ever imagined what it was like for dinosaurs to roam the earth? With our brand-new Drive-Thru Dinosaur Park, you can now. From the luxury of your own car, explore the Park. Scotty the Tyrannosaurus Rex should always be on the lookout, as should the Giant Spinosaurus.

Show your ticket through the car window and drive through to see the Life-Sized Animatronic Dinosaurs at Canada’s Dinosaur Park Drive-Thru. An exciting journey for the entire family! The non-profit reptile sanctuary in Canada’s Dinosaur Park receives 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales.



This enjoyable chance to play a round or two of golf on our brand-new, custom-designed 18-hole championship mini-golf course can be added to your visit to Canada’s Dinosaur Park.

This unique attraction uses only natural materials for landscaping and runs through megalithic standing stones. Both young and old will find the course challenging, and you may practice your putting! Parties, families, and business groups are all welcome. Inquire about recurring tournaments.

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