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Hutt Lagoon Ranked In The List of 30 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World By CNN

CNN Traveler ranks the most beautiful jade-green lakes in the world. And pink lake Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia is proud to be on this list!

1. What is CNN traveler’s list of the 30 best lakes in the world?


With its crystalline surface and rainbow of colors, a gorgeous lake can display some of water’s most captivating characteristics. Some of the amazing natural and man-made beauties found all throughout the world, from Australia to Siberia, Malawi to Pakistan, may even make you forget about beaches entirely.

You can see a full list at here

2. Why is Hutt Lagoon, Australia, on this list?

Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia

Lake Hillier is the most well-known of Australia’s pink lakes, but we think Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia is just as beautiful—and even more lively. Depending on the season and time of day, this highly saline body of water can change from bubblegum pink to purple or red. If you travel along the salt flats between Port Gregory and Kalbarri shortly before sunset, you might even see the water change color right in front of your eyes.

The waters of Hutt Lagoon, which can be vivid bubblegum pink, lilac, or even red at times, can be a remarkable sight on the trip between Port Gregory and Kalbarri. Go out before dusk to watch the colors change.


You’ll get to Hutt Lagoon in under six hours if you take the Indian Ocean Drive from Perth. If you’re driving from Kalbarri, you’ll get your first glimpse of the lagoon in around 30 minutes. A picturesque flight from Geraldton will provide you with an unforgettable view, with the Indian Ocean contrasting sharply with the pink lake.

The lagoon’s distinctive color is caused by the exceptionally high degree of saline, and its brilliance changes with the seasons and time of day. On a clear day, around mid-morning or sunset is the best time to visit. Along Port Gregory Road, there are several locations to stop and witness this natural spectacle.

Port Gregory is a lovely fishing community between Hutt Lagoon and the seashore. Choose from farm stays, chalets, beach cottages, and the trailer park for your overnight stay after picking up refreshments at the general store.

Between July and September, the area is covered in wildflowers.

3. What to do in Hutt Lagoon lake?


Visiting this lake in the middle of the day, when there is little to no cloud cover, is your best bet for witnessing the pink colors. However, even on an overcast day, you can appreciate the amazing color of the lake.

The Instagram-famous lake is perfect for photos (a Lancôme Australia advertisement was even shot here!) Remember to bring your phone or camera, as well as a drone, if you want to get those overhead shots. If you plan on going into the lake, don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and towel, as well as a floatie.

4. What not to do in Hutt Lagoon?


While swimming is officially permitted in Hutt Lagoon (as long as you are not in the area leased by BASF), keep in mind that the water is quite saline and any open cuts can be painful. As previously stated, a floatie is an excellent choice if you intend to get wet!

As with other trips to our natural places, follow the Leave No Trace Principles: don’t leave any trash at the lake so that future visitors can enjoy it as much as you did.

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