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How to Celebrate Canada Day Revealed by Canadians in 2022

There are numerous ways to honor our country, especially on July 1, Canada Day. What’s the best part? You don’t have to be a Canadian to appreciate them. Join the celebration and learn how to celebrate Canada Day like a genuine Canuck. Here are our favorite ways to wish this magnificent country a happy birthday.

Put on your most patriotic attire – Canada Day 2022


Many people wear the country’s red and white colors on Canada Day to display their Canadian pride. Wear a blouse with a maple leaf or the Canadian flag to keep it basic, or be creative with your look. Dress head to toe in Canadian-inspired apparel to show off your Canadian passion.

  • Dress in red and white from head to toe.
  • Wear Canadian flag-themed buttons or pins.
  • Hat with the Canadian flag.
  • Put on your trendiest Canadian ensemble, which should include a denim jacket and denim jeans.

Make your body color match your clothes.


You can display your patriotism further by using temporary body paint or hair color. Use body paint, temporary tattoos, or Canadian-inspired nail art to express yourself. Make a statement with your Canada Day outfit!
Temporary tattoos of the Canadian flag or a red maple leaf can be applied on your cheeks, arms, or legs.
Paint your nails red and white, or use nail art to create red or yellow maple leaves and the Canadian flag.
Make red and white streaks in your hair with hairspray or temporary hair color powder.

Display your Canadian flag – Canada Day 2022


Display your Canadian flag proudly whether you plan to attend Canada Day festivities or celebrate your own. Fly the flag in front of your house, wave it at the Canada Day Parade, or wear it on your shoulder. It doesn’t matter how big your flag is as long as you display it proudly!
If you attend a giant Canada Day event, you can purchase little novelty flags.

Organize a Canada Day celebration or BBQ.


Invite your friends and family to come to celebrate Canada’s independence with you. Decorate your home with red and white stripes or red maple leaves from a Canada-themed celebration. Wear your favorite Canadian-inspired costumes and serve Canadian-themed drinks and cuisine.
Host a wine party where guests bring delicacies from each province of Canada.
Purchase small-party presents with a Canadian theme to your guests, such as a Canadian novelty flag or a temporary maple leaf tattoo.

Consume your favorite Canadian foods.


Eating your favorite Canadian meals is a terrific way to celebrate Canada Day, whether holding a party, attending a party, or celebrating yourself! By researching recipes, make your pizza, beaver tail, or Canadian pizza at home. If cooking isn’t your thing, head to local Canadian celebrations and picks up some of your favorites! Some of Canada’s most notable dishes are listed below.

  • Fries with gravy and cottage cheese, or try your hand at creating pa berry pie.
  • Cinnamon and chili fried dough (beaver tail)
  • fried clams or lobster rolls
  • Pancakes with Baklava or muffins with the Canadian flag
  • Cupcakes shaped like beavers
  • Canada Pizza

Listen to your favorite Canadian musicians or music with a Canadian subject.

Whether you’re singing the Canadian National Anthem with pals or attending the Montreal Jazz Festival to commemorate Canada Day, make sure your playlist includes the best musicians from Canada. Canadians include Celine Dion, Rush, Alanis Morissette, Drake, and Leonard Cohen.

Participate in a parade – Canada Day 2022


On Canada Day, several cities will stage large and small parades. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a significant emblem of Canada, frequently attend parades, which may also include local floats or marching bands. Parade routes vary by city and province, so look online for the one closest to you.

Take in a fireworks show.

No Canada Day celebration would be complete without a display of colorful fireworks. Many cities have distinctive fireworks displays that may be watched from various locations throughout the city. Check online for nearby fireworks displays, and keep in mind that some towns have designated viewing areas that may require a ticket purchase.

If you cannot attend the fireworks display, purchase fireworks or small fireworks to use at home. Always be cautious when using fireworks at home, stay safe, and follow all directions.

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