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How Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are There In Canada?

What is a UNESCO world heritage site? How many UNESCO world heritage sites are there in Canada? So, let’s go see Nova Scotia Historic Sites and UNESCO Heritage Sites Ontario.

What Is A UNESCO World Heritage Site?


World Heritage is the title for sites around the world. These sites must hold outstanding universal value to humankind. They have been on the World Heritage List to be protected for later generations to admire and appreciate.

Selection Criteria UNESCO World Heritage Site


As we mentioned before, to become a World Heritage site, a site must be of Outstanding Universal Value. Along with that, it has to demonstrate international significance. And according to the Operational Guidelines 2012,  it must “transcend national boundaries and be of common importance for present and future generations of all humanity” as well.

Then, it has to satisfy at least one out of ten selection criteria of UNESCO’s World Heritage. The first 6 criteria are used to consider a place culturally. The following 4 criteria are for places in terms of nature.

To get the most accurate information, you should access the UNESCO website. A detailed explanation is in the 2012 Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (pages 23 – 24)

How Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are There In Canada?


Canada became a member of the World Heritage Convention in 1976. Since then, this country has had 20 sites that were on UNESCO’s List.

Some of them depict the most outstanding achievements of humanity. Meanwhile, others show proof of the forces that have formed the planet. Whatever they are, they all exceed the limits of time, space, and language. Moreover, they present Canada’s tales of international value to the world.

Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites And National Historic Sites In Canada

Canada is home to many genuine wonders including 20 amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are 10 natural, nine cultural, and one is of a mixed kind.

Let’s discover these UNESCO – Canada places one by one.

Rideau Canal – UNESCO World Heritage Sites Ontario


Initially, people built Rideau Canal to serve military purposes. It was a supply path following the 1812 War. This canal has reached the leading engineering level. 

The canal was available in 1832. It was the only one from this period that still works along its initial route. Also, it’s the most geriatric continuously used canal in North America. 

Pimachiowin Aki – UNESCO World Heritage Sites Ontario


This is the first and only mixed World Heritage property in Canada. It means that Pimachiowin Aki represents both cultural and natural values.

The area contains the homelands of four Anishinaabeg societies. They have lived here for 7,000 years. 

Its landscape of wetlands, lakes, and rivers has been maintained for millennia. This shows the connections between the Anishinaabeg and the land. It also includes traditions such as spiritual rituals and controlled burning of coastline vegetation.

Liverpool Town Hall – Nova Scotia National Historic Sites


There are 86 National Historic Sites in Nova Scotia. Each of them has a story of centuries. It could be about discovery, scenic beauty, cultural diversity, or adventure. 

The Liverpool Town Hall – Nova Scotia National Historic Sites is a wood building following the Classical Revival style. It has a main two-and-a-half-story rectangular block with back wings.

In the past, the town hall was a war memoria. Meanwhile, it now acts as a theater and museum.

Little Dutch (Deutsch) Church – Nova Scotia National Historic Sites


This humble church is a witness to the German-speaking people in the mid-18th century. It was also a burial ground that was set aside in 1752.

This zone was for new immigrants from Europe. These people then became a cohesive community that shared the same language and faith. They created this building in 1756. And it worked as a school, social center, and church well into the 19th century. 

This is the most aged church related to German migration to Canada.

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