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Explore Old Port In Quebec City, the Most Charming Sightseeing of Quebec

Hey nostalgic people, what do you do to find joy in the heart of a modern and bustling city? Check out your Quebec City map, we’ll show you things to do in old Quebec City, Canada. Let’s catch the antique vibes of the Old Port in Quebec city.

A Brief Introduction


In the 17th century, this port of Quebec was rushing with European ships offloading stores to New France. Its other name is Vieux-Port.

Now, Quebec City Old Port is full of historic buildings, art galleries, French-influenced diners, etc. Its nostalgic beauty attracts millions of tourists.

Tourists arrive in the city mostly by cruise. By using this means of transportation, they will pass through from Lower Town to Upper Town Meanwhile, those who use other means have a chance to visit the Museum of Civilization, the Old Port Market, or Place Royale and Notre-Dame-des-Victoire. 

There are also cycling and walking tours around the city. Or you can hop on a bus tour to venture to the UNESCO World Heritage Old Quebec.

Quebec City Map


The Old Port of Quebec City extends along the St. Lawrence River. Also, it’s home to a cruise ship terminal and many scenic streets. Spend some time exploring Rue Saint-Pierre and  Rue Saint‑Paul as well. It’s an ideal place for a relaxed stroll.

Quebec City Old Port Facts


First, the Old Port is, in fact, no longer active. It was once a major center of trade in Montreal. However, people relocated the port’s operations to the Pointe-Saint-Charles area.

Actually, Quebec City Old Port owed its thriving growth to the fur trade in the 18th  century. And the appearance of the steamboat after that also accelerated its expansion.

Today, the number of visitors to the Old Port has increased dramatically since 2017. To be more specific, this site has over six million tourists each year. 

And remember to wear sturdy walking shoes when coming here. Some of the paths in this region are uneven and cobbled.

Things To Do In The Old Quebec City


Old Quebec is the cultural and historic hub of Quebec City. And the Old Port in Quebec City is a short walk away from its hub. It’s also the home of French North America. Old Quebec is the most unbroken fortified town north of Mexico. Throughout 400 years, it has still maintained its colonial architecture. In 1985, UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site.

First, let’s take a turn at Dufferin terrace for an amazing view. This is the best spot to watch the fireworks in Les Grands Feux Loto‑Québec. Step a little bit further, you’ll reach the Pierre-Dugua-De Mons Terrace. Now, it’s time to admire the scenery of the city, the river, and the mountains.


If you come here in winter, don’t miss Toboggan Slides! First of all, you need to rent a toboggan and walk to the top of the slide. Then, sit back and get ready for the excitement as you speed to the bottom. Don’t forget to admire the winter scenery of Quebec City Old Port while skating!

Have you ever wished to immerse yourself in a beautiful Christmas scene like in the cards? Petit-Champlain will make your dreams come true! After the snow fell, the village became more beautiful than ever. Warm up with a sip of warm wine in the restaurant. Don’t forget to take photos to preserve this unreal beautiful moment.

But don’t forget the ever spotlight – Old Port Quebec City! These are just some suggestions to refresh your experience while you’re here.

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