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Here’s Why Some People Believe Australia Doesn’t Exist

You might think that kangaroos, Chris Hemsworth, and AC/classical DC’s music are enough proof that Australia exists. But it turns out that not everyone thinks Australia is a real place.

The idea that Australia doesn’t exist has gone viral over the past week, giving a meme that has been around since Napster and MySpace was popular a new lease on life. So, in 2006, the Flat Earth Association found a “fantasy land” run by “real secret government agents.” This month, the conspiracy came to light, shocking, delighting, and angering the 25 million people who have been told where they live is safe.


Shelley Floryd, a Swedish Facebook user, came up with the idea. It has been shared over 20,000 times on social network. Shelley says it is “one of the greatest hoaxes ever made,” which is a big claim, even if making up the sixth-largest country on Earth wasn’t the biggest hoax ever made. Made, the number one trick must be a wholesaler.

The main idea is that Britain made up the criminal colony of Australia as an excuse to kill tens of thousands of prisoners—162,000, to be exact—under the pretense that they were being sent to a remote area. Today, everyone is in on the joke, including the airline pilots who take tourists to the fake islands and the actors who play the parts as if they were real. The Truman Show’s reality.

“Everything you call “evidence” is lies and fake documents made by the most powerful governments in the world. Your friends down under? Shelley wrote that they are all actors and computer-generated characters who are part of a plot to trick the world. This may be the most important geographical discovery since Aristotle showed that the Earth is round.

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“You haven’t been to Australia if you think you have. All plane pilots are involved; they only take you to nearby islands or, in some cases, parts of South America where they have cleared space and hired actors played by real Australians.

Floryd took down the original post from Facebook, possibly because federal agents wanted to hide the truth or because Australians who didn’t get his sense of humor said many mean things about it. Swedish. No matter what, Shelley still posts about the myth of Australia to her 10,000+ Facebook followers, including maps that can’t be found and no theory about the area. Pacific.

Affiliate networks have been found to be fake in more places than just Australia. So far as I can tell, Finland is part of a plan to get enough sushi from Japan to Russia. Molise, which is in Italy, and its 300,000 people are also made up. The Brazilian state of Acre either has dinosaurs living there or doesn’t exist at all.

The good people of the Internet are setting records all the time, which is great for the world.

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