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Hawaii Spirit At Maui’s Annual Celebration Of The Arts

A chance to experience Hawaii spirit at Maui’s Annual Celebration of the Arts is waiting for you. What will this big feast bring to you? Reading our post and find out.

What Is The Celebration Of The Arts?


The West side of Maui welcomes a new day with their chants to the rising sun. A bunch of people, such as teachers, the locals, and outsider guests gather together to enjoy the gentle wave at Honokahua Beach. 

The inspirational e ala e and hiʻuwai traditions will be the start of the Celebration of the Arts each year. From the 15th to the 16th of April, in order to invigorate, people of all ages here are invited to join the classes and practical workshops.

The Best Way To Learn Hawaii Culture – Maui Celebration Of The Arts


The best way to learn and understand Hawai’i culture is through the eyes of the local people. 

Nae‘ole is an advisor in Hawaii culture, who has lived here for about 30 years. According to him, after virtual affairs last year, Hawaii needs cultural professionals and artisans back to Kapalua to enrich the area. Additionally, creating inspirational experiences that will be unforgettable together. He also ensures that the 30th yearly Celebration of the Arts will become the most pleasing one yet.

On The Day Of The Event


The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua is the host of this event. It will take place in 2 days to honor the aloha spirit in particular and the Hawaiian culture in general.

More than 60 educators, artisans, ethnic practitioners, performers, speakers, etc. across the state will appear to guide practical training, meetups, and conversation panels. 

The story theme of this year is “Mauka to Makai–Everything is Connected”. 

By acknowledging necessary and endangered ecosystems on this island, the event plans to clear up the relationship between ocean to mountain and ground to human beings.

Joining The Event – Maui Celebration Of The Arts


The event is free to people of all ages, from the locals to the visitors. It gives an irregular chance to encounter top instructors, high-quality resources, and thrilling activities.

From intros in hula and Hawaiian language to lectures on Hawaiian Chiropractics and Hawaiʻi’s treasured sea resource, the Celebration of Arts delivers special offerings to participate in Hawaiian civilization through mesmerizing topics.

Other Interesting Activities


The celebration is debuting a brand new fashion show collaborating Maui’s best designers this year. Visitors will see the impact of classic Hawaiian art on modern clothing.

There will be the first female falsetto contest in Hawaii. The contest occurs on the same day as the famous Celebration of Island Tastes. However, you have to buy a ticket to watch the competition. 

Just like in the past years, the highlights of the festival are the Celebration After-Hours Party. Followed by a Celebration Easter brunch on Sunday to complete the weekend. 

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