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7 Big Food Festivals In Canada To Explore This Summer

A bunch of mouthwatering food is waiting for you! Don’t hesitate anymore! Put on sunscreen and seek the 7 big food festivals in Canada to explore this summer!

Shediac Lobster Festival


Taking place from the 2nd to the 10th of July, the Shediac Lobster Festival features many interesting events and activities to discover. For example, as it implies in its name, there will be bunches of lobster for you to try. Besides, they also offer craft beer, live music concerts, etc.

As told by the organizers, the feast will witness an exceptional number of new extras and an entertainment fair. 

The price is varied by each event. You can find the feast at 58 Festival Street, Shediac, NB.

Richmond Night Market – Food Festivals In Canada


This night market requires an entrance payment of $6/adult. It occurs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the 10th of October.

The specific address is 8351 River Road, Richmond, BC

This is the largest food fair that takes place at night in North America. You can try more than 500 global foods here. 

Our suggestion for this year is Flying Cup Noodles from Aloha Boys. It is a cup of instant noodles fully topped with butter garlic shrimp from Hawaii, spam, and a shoyu ramen egg.

First Fridays Montreal


This food feast is free for people of all ages and will be held on selected dates until the 7th of October. The location is in Montreal Olympic Park, 4545 Pierre-de Coubertin Avenue, Montreal, Quebec.

Les Premiers Vendredis, which means First Fridays, is a street food vendor event that lasts through the summer. It gathers more than 50 restaurateurs and food trucks in Olympic Park in Montreal.

Classic treats that you can often find at the festival such as poutine from Le Gras Dur, tacos from Mi Corazon, churros from Mignon Churros & Nougat, etc. The place also contains what it states is the biggest pop-up terrace in town with more than 3,000 seats.

Morden Corn And Apple Festival – Food Festivals In Canada


This is another feast that requires no fee to enter. However, it only takes place in 3 days, from the 26th to 28th of August. So, this is the perfect time to note the date on your schedule.

The address is 13 – 379 Stephen Street, Morden, Manitoba.

The Morden Corn & Apple Festival is told to be the most extensive food affair in Manitoba. As the name indicates, corn and apples are a major part of the fair. 

According to the tradition of the feast, each visitor will receive a free Morden sweet corn when coming to join. There will be an area for food trucks and food vendors at the affair.

Canadian National Exhibition


The entrance fee for Canadian National Exhibition is quite high, $20 in advance. It is held from the 19th of August to the 5th of September this year. 

It is Exhibition Place, 100 Princes’ Blvd., Toronto, Ontario where the affair takes place.

After 2 years of postponing, the biggest fair in Canada is eventually back. We ensure that the food set here is going to be wonderful.

Though precise vendors have not been revealed, you can still try several of the classics that are generally provided such as waffle ice cream sandwiches, deep-fried Mars bars, etc.

Calgary Stampede – Food Festivals In Canada


If you need a place to park your car, you have to pay $23 for this admission. 

The affair already occurs, from the 8th to the 17th of July. And here is the address, 1410 Olympic Way S.E., Calgary, Alberta. 

Though the occasion is not mainly a food festival, food is still a great part of it. At the affair this year, you can have a chance to try indeed weird snacks, for example, noodles with cotton candy, Kraft Dinner soft-serve, Unagi sushi tacos, etc. 

Taste Of Edmonton


You don’t have to charge an entrance fee to take part in the Taste Of Edmonton. The affair occurs in late July, from the 21st to the 31st. The location is at Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta.

All of the offerings from the best food trucks and even luxury restaurants are here, at the fair. Especially, this year, you will be able to try many brand new foods and beverages. For instance, coconut smoothie in a palm tree mug by Coconut Jungle, Ahi tuna by Ice House, etc.

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