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Facts About Canadian Author – Lucy Maud Montgomery

You probably know about the famous series Anne of Green Gables, but how did you know about its author? Our post will show facts about Canadian Author – Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Her Childhood – Facts About Lucy Maud Montgomery


1. Montgomery is the namesake of her grandmother as well as one of the daughters of Queen Victoria.

2. A friend of her grandfather’s always teased her by calling her “Johnny” when she was a child. It made her annoyed and planted a long-lasting lesson: Never tease a child.

3. Montgomery said that she made up two fictional friends. They lived behind the bookcase in her grandparents’ sitting room. One’s name was Lucy Gray, and the other was Katie Maurice.

4. According to Montgomery, her earliest remembering was witnessing her mother in the coffin. She said that she did not feel any sorrow at that time because she knew nothing of what it all meant. She was only vaguely troubled. Why was her Mother so still? And why was her Father crying? She just reached down and laid her hand.

5. When Montgomery turned two, her mother died because of tuberculosis. Her father then moved to Saskatchewan and married another woman.

6. Just like Anne – her fictional character in the book, Montgomery nurtured a big love for nature since she was a child. When she was nine, Montgomery wrote a poem about a birch which is her favorite tree. The poem started with: “Around the poplar and the spruce, The fir and maple stood; But the old tree that I loved best, Grew in the Haunted Wood.”

Anne Of Green Gables


7. Anne of Green Gables was Lucy Maud Montgomery’s first novel. She wrote it in 1905.

8. Montgomery got rejections from all the publishers to which she sent the book. She then kept it in a hat box.

9. In 1907, Montgomery revise the book and sent it out again. It was the Page Company of Boston publisher that accepted the book.

10. Readers showed grief over Matthew Cuthbert’s death. Montgomery also confessed that she regretted composing it and would let Matthew live longer if she rewrote the novel.

11. Anne of Green Gables gained a quick success with 19,000 copies sold in just five months.

12. After releasing Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery became a celebrity and a favored subject of buzz. She showed her fear of gossip in her series “Emily of New Moon”

13. Anne of Green Gables’s first non-Engling version was Swedish, published in 1909.

The Author’s Life – Facts About Lucy Maud Montgomery


14. Montgomery completed a two-year teaching degree in just one year. She graduated with honors from Prince of Wales College. She taught at 3 countryside schools in P.E.I. They were Bideford, Belmont, and Lower Bedeque schools respectively. But as soon as she can make-ends-meet with freelance writing, she decides to quit schooling and become a full-time writer.

15. One of Montgomery’s very few adult best-sellers, The Blue Castle, was restricted by several libraries. They claim that the content is not suitable because it describes a single mother and undresses sacred hypocrisy.

16.  After secretly engaged for five years, in July of 1911, Montgomery married Reverend Ewan Macdonald.

17. She then moved to Ontario with her husband. They now live in Leaskdale, Norval and Toronto.

18. In 1923, Montgomery was the first Canadian woman member of the Royal Society of Arts and Letters.

19. Montgomery keeps writing diaries throughout her life. In the notebook, she described in a very detail both good things and sorrows. For example, her fondness for the magnificence of nature, her feeling of the dreadfulness of the First World War, and her anguish over losing a son.

20. Montgomery wrote more than 20 novels, two poetry collections, and 500 short stories in her writing career.

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