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Decipher the mysteries of Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night”

“Starry Night” was born in June 1889, a year before his death and is also one of Van Gogh’s most loved, discussed and controversial paintings.

Depicting the scene seen from the window of an award in the mental hospital in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, southern France, where Van Gogh is being treated, the painting is like one of the fine artworks depicting the sky. The most beautiful night sky forever goes down in history.

According to research, this picture was painted by Van Gogh during the day through memory. In a letter he wrote to his brother in May 1889, it was said: “Through the iron fenced window. I could see a closed wheat square… Up there, in the morning, I saw the sun rise in all its glory.”

Detail of the eucalyptus tree – mysteries of Starry Night


The oil painting Starry Night is a collection of enchanting swirling celestial bodies, stylized stars, a shining moon, a sky-high cedar tree, a church spire, and an idyllic village. It is remarkable that the eucalyptus tree forms a texture along the soaring span of the church’s roof, which was imagined inspired by the architecture of his home in the Netherlands. The image of the eucalyptus tree is likened to an artist’s soul, melancholy with dark green color, but the top of the tree still rises to receive the light even though it is fragile.

12 holy stars – mysteries of Starry Night


“The Starry Night” features his signature short brushstrokes in his post-impressionist style, along with his distinctive light-focused palette. The combination of two tones of blue and yellow has meticulously shown the stars in the night sky.

Perhaps for Van Gogh the stars always have a very special meaning. Many commentators believe that Van Gogh painted the positions of the stars to depict a dream of Saint Joseph based on a biblical passage from the Old Testament. This he mentioned in many letters to his brother.

Golden moonlight

It can be seen that Van Gogh’s passion for yellow is so intense that it hurts his eyes throughout his works. “I can only remember yellow, pale yellow, lemon yellow, metallic gold… How beautiful they are and I see them more clearly in the South. The color here is the midday atmosphere in the harvest season, in the inherent heat…”. According to Van Gogh, that color is the brightest and brightest, like sunlight, flowers without sunlight, as if painting lacks truth.

Some theories suggest that Van Gogh was addicted to yellow because he was always drunk with wormwood wine or used foxglove to treat epilepsy. At that time, people often added a small amount of xantonin to the wine, so that the drinker would see everything yellow, see yellow spots with a halo-like in the oil painting Starry Night.

Mysterious spirals appear in the picture “Starry Night” Van Gogh


The sky in Starry Night was like a dream where through the swirls, he conveyed the chaotic emotions, mood swings and struggles of that time.

However, the spiral drawings in work have many similarities with the Spiral Galaxy with the largest telescope of the time with a lens diameter of up to 1.8m. Count Parsons’ drawing of the Spiral Galaxy may have inspired Van Gogh.

Besides, scientists believe that this famous painting by Van Gogh has expressed one of the most difficult concepts in the world to explain: the uncertainty principle of flow. It is an indeterminate flow of uniformity if there is a flow of energy in it. That is, a large eddy current will create a similar eddy current, just different in proportion.

Although, at this point Van Gogh had given up his religious beliefs, there was always a deep love for the natural world, in which he found solace in his years end-of-life grief. The hope deep in the stars as he once wrote to his younger brother. Because of that, The Starry Night has always been interpreted as a message of hope.

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