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Best Things To Do In New Zealand

If you’re planning to take a tour to New Zealand but find it hard to decide on what specific list. Go read our list of best things to do in New Zealand. It’s our pleasure to give you a hand on your interesting vacation.

Climb Auckland’s Highest Volcanic Cone – Best Things To Do In New Zealand


Mount Eden is the highest volcanic cone in Auckland. And you will find it surprising since it takes you just a short amount of time to get there. Keep calm and catch your breath ‘cause you are now taking the great views of the city and its lively harbor.

Seeing the 50 meters deep carter is an unlikely experience that you have never tried before. Don’t just walk through it, admiring it from above is a much better view since it’s a sacred area.

On the way back down from the cone, you should try checking out the Eden Gardens. It is known for its tranquility and helps people to be closer to nature.

Have Your Own Digged Spa at Hot Water Beach


Hot water Beach is one of the most favored things to do in New Zealand for both locals and visitors! Holding a spade and scooping hot water pool in the sand yourself is really fairly of a Kiwi institution.

The hot water beach is located in the Coromandel. You can easily find it on the map since it’s not way too far from Cathedral Cove. This is a stunning place to tour any time. However, about 2 hours before and after high tide you’ll notice couples, friends, or families brandishing garden pieces of equipment when they head straight for the beach. Drown in the warm water and rest as you enjoy the dazzling sight that surrounds you.

Best Things To Do In New Zealand – Set Sail in the Bay of Islands


When mentioned about New Zealand, one of the best amazing things is its accessibility. The finest views aren’t only reserved for wealthy people, anyone can relish the astonishing nature of this fantastic land.

With affordable prices of services and accommodations, the Bay of Islands is truly a famous tourist attraction. What feels like an affluent shelter of deserted islands, and ideal beaches, is accessible to each every visitor. 

The marine life of this place will never let you down. Lease a kayak or a boat so you can completely dip in this corner of heaven. Penguins, whales, dolphins, and fur seals are waiting for you to come and play. 

Witness Kiwi Birds in the Wild


For those who don’t know, this species is one of New Zealand’s native nighttime birds. Of course, you can easily see the birds in a sanctuary or zoo, however, discovering them in the wild is a quite rare and interesting occurrence. 

In fact, numerous New Zealanders haven’t had the chance to catch a wild kiwi. Their inhabitants have rapidly lowered in current times because of introduced breeds like dogs, possums, and stoats.

However, thanks to thorough protection actions, several reserves where kiwi are thriving still exist. Seize your opportunity to catch one of these unique birds!

Watch Humpback Whales in Kaikoura – Best Things To Do In New Zealand


Kaikoura appears as a special place for whale seeing in New Zealand. 

You will have a chance to spot humpback whales on their migrating way from Antarctica, find sperm whales feeding off the nourishing waters of the Kaikoura Canyon, and killer whales frequently swim by as well.

Orcas are typically caught in summer, meanwhile, humpback whales glide by in winter, and sperm whales – other species of whale can be witnessed all around the year. They are making whale observing in Kaikoura a remarkable activity in any season!

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