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Canadian Slang – How to speak like a real Canadian?

If you grew up in Canada, you probably say things that are only heard in the Great White North. Canadian slang words you should learn before visiting.

Canadians have a plethora of unusual and distinctive idioms that might make the untrained say “what?” from British Columbia to Nunavut to Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you’ve lived in Canada, you’ve probably acquired a few of these. And, if you haven’t, can you say you’ve had the experience in Canada?

You can speak a lot of these Canuck words, whether you like the warmth of a baby rabbit or conclude each statement with a “ah.” If not, you may need to double-check your Canadian skills.

Eh – Famous Canadian Slang


The undisputed king of Canadian vocal ticks.

It can also imply “Where you going, eh?” or simply a period, “Just down to the store, eh?”

But it is undeniably the best in Canadian speaking. And it can be found from coast to coast.


This one, at least for some, is difficult to hear unless your ear is tuned.

The linguistic phenomenon known as Canadian Raising influences how Canadians pronounce particular vowel sounds in words such as “home,” “doubt,” and, of course, “around.”

To Americans, this Canadian Raising sounds like “aboot!”



Yes, Canadians are stereotyped as being very courteous, but even the way we say “sorry” is distinctive.

If you pronounce it “SORE-y” rather than “SAW-ry,” you’re probably Canadian.

Giv’r – Canadian Slang

You better giv’r when you’re about to go for it or just really go for it!

When you’re out on the ice, going for a rip, or just giving it your all, this is the word to employ.

It’s the Canadian version of “Go for it!”


It originated in Toronto, but it has gradually spread throughout Canada. A mans is a plural of man, but it’s also not. It could be one or more men.

When men say “mans,” it’s all about the mood.


No, this isn’t someone counting by twos. It’s known as a 24-pack of beer in Canada.

Is it any easier than saying “24”? No way, no how!


Despite its age, this is a distinctly Canadian word. Some Canadians and nearly all Americans refer to a serviette as a napkin.

It wouldn’t be Canada without a touch of French flair, would it?

Hoser – Canadian Slang

A true “redneck” or “hillbilly” in Canada.

A hoser is often someone who consumes a large amount of beer, drives a large truck, and dresses in plaid and denim.

Hosers are commonly found outside of big cities, however they can be found almost anywhere in Canada.



“Hey dude, can I borrow a dart from you?” is another way of saying “Can I please have a cigarette?”

Darts with no bulls-eye are frequently mentioned in many parts of Canada. And this is due to the fact that a dart is another word for a cigarette!

Display a Larry/Roger

When you hear the following, you know you’re driving in Canada: “Okay, first hang a Larry, then a Roger.”

While this may be frightening if you have either of those names, it is simply a substitution for left and right.

Chirping – Canadian Slang

There are no birds here.

To chirp someone is to mock and offend them. On the rink, you’ll frequently hear someone being “chirped,” although chirping may occur anywhere.

But you really hope it doesn’t.


A 375 ml bottle of alcohol is sometimes known as a mickey of booze.

So, if a Canadian tells you they just ate an entire Mickey Mouse, don’t assume they ate a popular cartoon Disney figure. Unless, of course, they appear completely sober.


While it may sound adorable, this is the prairie/Saskatchewan word for a sweatshirt.

It’s not as much fun as it sounds! Most people, one would suppose, would rather cuddle a bunny than put on a hoodie.

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