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9 Best Things To Do Around Toronto This Spring On A Tight Budget

There are a ton of free and fun things to do in and around Toronto now that spring is in the air. With these activities and attractions, you may have fun without going over your spending limit because each person pays $30 or less. These are nine things to look forward to in spring, from life-size dinosaurs to lovely floral meadows.

1. Exploring dinosaurs


Cost: $28.99 plus per adult

It seems like you’re in the movie when you visit The Exhibition, which opens this spring in Mississauga. On this site, you can explore the “renowned Jurassic World gates” and witness life-size dinosaurs.

2. Trek to a beautiful cascade


Cost: $9.75 for each adult

On this lovely waterfall trail, you may take in the scent of spring. Old mill ruins and a picturesque waterfall can be seen in Hilton Falls Conservation Area.

3. Investigate a path of lights


Cost: Free

For Explore Lumière: The Art of Light (formerly known as the Winter Light Exhibition), Ontario Place is illuminated, and you may view distinctive works created by regional artists. Every Friday and Saturday, a bonfire is available for warmth.

4. Explore a sea of tulips and become lost


Pricing per adult: $17.50 plus

The Tasc Tulip Farm is reopening for the year, and you can stroll through tulip fields that are bursting with color. Even better, you can choose your own arrangement to take home.

5. Enjoy everything, maple!


Price: $9.55 per adult

Wagon rides, demonstrations, and life-size games are all part of the maple syrup festival being held at the Kortright Centre Conservation Area.

6. Choose your own produce


Price: $15 for each adult entry

In May, Andrew’s Scenic Acres will reopen, offering pick-your-own rhubarb, asparagus, and other produce. You can also go see cute creatures like pygmy goats and alpacas.

7. Walk past undulating crimson hills


Price: $11.30 plus free booking

At this special location outside of Toronto, you’ll feel as though you’re in another world. With the reopening of the Cheltenham Badlands in May, visitors will once again be able to stroll past a “geological jewel” of red hills. Guests are required to stay on the boardwalk.

8. Investigate a Lilac Dell


Parking costs $30 per vehicle.

At the Royal Botanical Gardens Arboretum, lilacs’ lovely scent will surround you. It has “one of the largest and most diversified lilac collection in the world” and normally blooms from late May to early June.

9. Discover 14 luminous universes


Pricing per adult: $24.95

Illumi will lead you through a number of bright installation-filled words. With more than 600,000 square feet of space, the attraction includes zones like a safari and candy land.

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