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Best Places To Go In Canada During Summer

Summer is coming and you’re planning for a vacation? Go for it because you’ve done everything so good so far, and now you deserve to take a break. We have some recommendations of the best places to go in Canada during summer.

Niagara Falls, Ontario – Best Places To Go In Canada During Summer


If you only have a weekend to spend, we suggest you take a trip to Niagara. Your choices are various here, from natural scenery to tourist destinations. 

There are famous attractions you can explore such as White Water Walk and Niagara Skywheel, or you can take a rest and try your luck in card games at Fallsview Casino Resort. If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, you might love to have a taste at one of the wineries in the Niagara-on-the-Lake town.

Though it might be not too different from the city you are living in, going out and taking a look at other sight-seeing still worth a try, right?

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


People say that this is one of the best places to go in Canada during summer to explore wildlife.

The island offers mainly water fun that the sea lovers would never skip. Firstly, you can spend a day just to lay on the sandy beach of the East Coast, enjoying the sound of waves or diving into the ocean.

Then, it would be ideal to take about 4 days to immerse yourself in recreational outdoor activities here. You must wonder why it should be 4 days, right? Because there are plenty of things you cannot miss such as exploring the famous Cabot Trail, seeing seals and whales with Captain Mark, and taking a tour of North River Kayak.

Golden, British Columbia – Best Places To Go In Canada During Summer


Another place to enjoy the wildlife at its fullest is in British Columbia. 

If you are bored with wild sea life, you can try an alternative and totally opposite to have more new experiences.

Since it is located midway between six national parks, Golden is surrounded by rolling hills and huge mountains. This could be an ideal place for those who want to stay away from densely populated cities. 

The place takes advantage of its geography as it’s offering activities such as mountain climbing and hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, etc. And don’t forget to visit Glacier Park, Columbia Wetlands and even Yoho. You can immediately calm your busy mind by listening to birds chirping and wandering to see different species of animals.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


You are a foodie and just want to spend your whole summer days trying as much cuisine as you can? Saskatoon must be a dreamland for you. 

Not only famous for its street food, the place knows itself well and offers many more delicious restaurants. Iconic food that can be named such as berry pie, spudnuts, deer sausage, or bannock. Just look around the city and you will easily find restaurants serving eye-catching meals. To make sure the food served will suit your taste, checking the menu on your phone before coming to a restaurant is highly recommended.

Saskatoon is also known as the city of bridges. So you can explore the city by canoe, paddleboard, kayak, or hiring a riverboat cruise on Prairie Lily.

Best Places To Go In Canada During Summer – The Okanagan Valley, British Columbia


Different from other places, the Okanagan Valley is kind of warmer in the summer. You will find that the locals are as lovely and warm as the weather when coming here.

The place offers all sorts of entertainment activities so you surely will find your own interests and never feel lost. Taking a nap while enjoying sunbathing is a must if you want to take away pressure and tension.

Plus, since Okanagan Valley is well-known for wine, you should explore wineries or take a wine tour and find your best alcoholic taste.

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