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5 Best Museums You Must Visit in Tilburg, Netherlands

Contemporary art museums, natural history museums, and textile museums are located in Tilburg. History and magnificent art can easily fill a day trip to Tilburg. You have therefore arrived in this vibrant, southern metropolis that is home to several interesting and distinctive museums. You’re in luck since we know all about a select number of Tilburg’s top museums.

1. De Pont Museum

The museum is housed inside a historic will-spinning mill, which makes it a great location to exhibit contemporary art and offers visitors a distinctive setting in which to browse. The gorgeous atmosphere of the museum, in addition to the abundance of exhibits, is what really makes De Pont stand out. The secret lies in the marriage of minimalism and design.


This museum features a wide variety of painters and offers a lot to see. It’s safe to assume that De Pont has something to keep you interested, no matter what your preferences are! The De Pont Museum’s Thursday evening admission is free!


PARK is a contemporary art center that was founded by seven Tilburg-based artists. It is a forum for modern visual art, so welcome to the world of contemporary art if that sounds a little hazy to you. No fear, though; it offers guests an instructional curriculum.


Also, it provides workshops and special events where you can participate in the world of contemporary art right away.

It continues to work with national and international artists to bring the contemporary art world to Tilburg and has hosted some extremely fascinating exhibitions at the nexus of visual and performance art.

It frequently welcomes an artist for a summer residency who will give public lectures and workshops.

3. Doloris

Doloris is a fantastic creative, and inspiring location in Tilburg that provides you with an entirely immersive experience, despite the fact that it isn’t really a museum.


The Meta Maze, a collection of more than 40 art rooms, is accessible. The problem? The artwork is fantastical and immersive, intended to frighten and also excite you. As you meander through the maze, the artwork will thoroughly capture your attention.

You’ll need food for your stomach after all that art, which Doloris can give you admirably.

They have a rooftop where they serve great cocktails as well as street cuisine from all around the world. Your last opportunity to experience Tilburg’s work at Doloris will be on the rooftop, where you can enjoy a nice snack while taking in the cityscape.

4. Textiel Museum

The Textiel Museum in Tilburg provides a special chance to understand the significance of textiles and textile production in Tilburg’s history. The still-in-use machines for weaving and producing fabrics are still visible today!


They also have the TextielLab, where designers, artists, and architects toil diligently on their new creations, in addition to displays showcasing the past and present. The visitor gains a special understanding of what they do as a result!

5. Natuurmuseum Brabant

Since 1935, the Natuurmuseum Brabant has been encouraging people to value all things natural. There is enough to keep you occupied for the entire day, from enormous mammoths in the Ice Age exhibition to wolves in the Real Wolf display or even playing detective in the OO – ZONE, where you may find over 2000 things in an accessible museum depot.


Younger visitors can visit Frog’s house and engage in numerous games in the exhibitions BOS and Frog & Friends. The primary focus of Natuurmuseum Brabant is to educate you and your children about the life of plants and animals while educating them about the amazing history of nature.

Tilburg is a beautiful city that deserves far more recognition than it currently receives! There is so much to do in Tilburg in addition to the amazing museums that are available.

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