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5 Amazing Facts About Urquhart Castle, An Iconic Castle At Loch Ness

More than 800 years ago, Urquhart Castle began to exist. The castle was used back then for a variety of things, including fortification against military assaults and piracy. Even though it is now in ruins, it is still a fantastic location to visit for fun and learning. You’ll be intrigued by these 5 surprising facts about Urquhart Castle.

1. An Independence War casualty

War and brutality have shaped the Urquhart Castle’s history. It operated for roughly 500 years during which time Scottish and English ownership alternated multiple times. It played a significant role in the conflicts that occurred throughout the two countries’ respective War of Independence.


The Lords of the Isles, Robert the Bruce, The MacDonalds, and King Edward I of England have all engaged in battles for control of the fortress at various points in history. Regrettably, during the Jacobite Rising period, government garrisons destroyed the building.

2. Monster Sightings And The Castle Grounds


There are several reports of monster sightings throughout the UK, but Urquhart Castle’s report stands out. Since the rumors have been present since the seventh century, they are a source of fascination for travelers from all over the world. The climbing of the castle grounds and towers, which provides an amazing opportunity to observe the best of Loch Ness, is typically associated with monster sightings.

3. The castle must have been magnificent

The numerous reasons why the castle must have been an amazing location to be are revealed by exploring its many parts of it. You will see the magnificence of the great hall and chambers in ruins in addition to the castle grounds and towers.


Nearby lies the cell that once housed a number of notable individuals, including the fabled Gaelic bard Domhnall Donn. There is also a full-sized reproduction of a trebuchet, which was a weapon used in medieval battles and contained a wooden catapult.

4. It is a Wonderful Location For Tourists

Every year, hundreds of visitors from all over the world come here to witness the magnificence of this magnificent castle. It presents a fantastic chance for students to learn about a significant period in British history and to visit one of the finest castles that exemplifies their culture and heritage.


Many visitors enjoy coming here for the scenery, the opportunity to think in a calm and relaxing environment, and to learn new things about how people lived in the past. Urquhart Castle is a spectacular place to see.

5. Occupy a castle close to Urquhart Castle

You may still live in one of the other castles that surround Urquhart Castle, despite the fact that it is completely destroyed and uninhabitable. In order to at least have a sense of what it might be like to live in a castle, tourists enjoy doing this.


Stirling Castle, Eilean Donan Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Culzean Castle, Balmoral Castle, Glamis Castle, etc., are a few of the castles where you can spend the night. These castles all provide incredible services that will make you feel at home and enhance your holiday beyond your wildest dreams.

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